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Posted by Collin Tabata 2017-07-07

Love this game. Gameplay in theory is great and easy to learn. However, the controls are often slow and unresponsive, leading to sluggish gameplay, at least on my phone. I'll be tapping to attack and often the character will simply not attack or block. This kind if gameplay has cost me many a battle. I would pay for this game because I'm a big fan of the Injustice series, but the controls can be so fustrating that it's really not worth it for me.

Posted by Roblox King - joshuakael 2017-07-07

Takes a while to load up battles SAMSUNG TAB

Posted by Trajiin D 2017-07-07

This is a great game, especially considering it is free. Absolutely loads of content without ever having to pay if you don't want to. My only gripe which is stopping it getting 5 stars is the touch controls can be unresponsive at times on my Xperia XZ premium. Which as its one of the most powerful phones out this shouldn't be the case.

Posted by pratik mehta 2017-07-07

Cool game . Great graphics

Posted by Alvinna Syachriani 2017-07-07

I love this game. I just wish that we could also gain XP from playing on arena and resource mission. Also, i have this problem where it always takes a very long time to claim the rewards in my inbox (ive never actually claimed them tho because i got inpatient and end up quiting the game because it took forever to load). My other issue is sometimes the character wont move when the fight is on even though i have already tap my screen. I wish this could be soon. Update: the rewards can finally be claimed once you have "read" the mail. And please fix the control issue whereas the character keep blocking when i tap to fight. I believe im nky the only one having this issue.

Posted by Amrit Sawarn 2017-07-06

Great game . Would love it if gear change was visible as in pc version ...

Posted by DNF Mirrors 2017-07-06

I would be great if you guys could fix the issue when i go collect my daily arena reward but it cant collect. I have to restart the app in order to collect.

Posted by PandaXplosion 2017-07-06

Wasn't as good as the first.

Posted by Dirty Bruuh 2017-07-06

Love the game awesome graphics story etc etc but for God sake please fix the damn store I keep buying an epic hero chest and always end up getting crappy ones please fix it

Posted by Un1Verse 13 2017-07-06

I like the game a lot, but the only problem is that you can't have another account. Like if you want restart, it takes you right back from your first account you made. But so far, I'll give this a 3 star even tho its 4 stars. ☆☆☆/☆☆☆☆☆

Posted by Peyton 04 2017-07-06

Good game check it out!!!

Posted by Whyoh Beatz 2017-07-06


Posted by Trevor Holton 2017-07-06

It a pretty gud game to play in have u comin back for more

Posted by Andrei Cunanan 2017-07-06

AWESOME Game please make mkre sale chest ty

Posted by HeyIts MRA 2017-07-06

Great graphics. I just hate that it takes so long to load between fights. Also, arena mode is tedious bc it returns to the main arena screen after each and every match. This takes so much time. There should be a way like in the first version, to have consecutive fights in arena mode.

Posted by Tim Cote 2017-07-06

I hate that it needs wifi to play.

Posted by Daniel Way 2017-07-06

It sucks jk

Posted by Tuan Anh Nguyen 2017-07-06

The game so far is great but there are some bugs in my xiaomi mi 5s, in game i cannot type anything so i have to tell them here hoping they will read this, also there is a bug that when u fight, sometime if you use the shield skill, your hero stuck in defend mode and will not fight unless the enemy hit you several time. Please fix these 2 bugs. The game is great and you can earn yourself diamond without purchase by participating arena, the box also does give out golden hero even though they are low chance.

Posted by Darrell Amarasena 2017-07-06

Someone tell me how to kill the damn intro video. I load this app FIVE TIME A DAY MINIMUM and I'm SICK OF THE DAMN INTRO VIDEO! I bought a ticket and saw the movie WEEKS ago. Just let me skip the video and play the stupid game!

Posted by TheRedStoneSword 2017-07-06

It's a good game but it's just annoying at some spots and it's really laggy and would you please make it easier to get crystals?

Posted by darnell reed 2017-07-06

I've had this app for an hour like either the app or the consol3 would have a code but both or asking for a code honestly the app should have a code

Posted by Fritos man1 2017-07-06

The fighting part could be updated. Then I will give 5 STARS

Posted by Sahil Mall 2017-07-06

Nothing new... Same old injustince.. Plz put some new stuff in here.. This game has a lot of potential.... And seriously needs to start a lil faster.. Bugfixes needed... Too much crashes.. And lagging

Posted by Brian Aranda 2017-07-06

Great game ..just started playing and I'm really in really into it.

Posted by Marcus Cotton 2017-07-06

The game is great. My only issue with it is that it force closes often when I'm playing Arena Mode.

Posted by Nikhil Srivastava 2017-07-06

When does chapter 2 will be available??

Posted by Ethan Hunt 2017-07-06

It's one of the best it should add more options to buy heros

Posted by Attorney General 2017-07-06

Great teaser for the real Injustice 2 for Consoles. Not quite as deep or intriguing as the console version with somewhat wonky controls. I often block when I am meaning to throw a punch or hit, happens every single fight. This is best experienced with some type of controller because the touch screen controls just dont work well, and that is on my brand new S8 Plus.

Posted by Mario Echevarria 2017-07-06

To hard to get new people...

Posted by Ganesh Neelakanta Sharma 2017-07-06

Great graphics Best game to play

Posted by jhon smith 2017-07-06

Besides not knowing how to link to my console great game

Posted by Dwight Cummings II 2017-07-05

Keep kicking me out

Posted by Damian Vasquez 2017-07-05

Can we please get dlc characters too plz?

Posted by Kevin Maradiaga 2017-07-05

Are they goona add more people Update the game or some If they do hope they add Red hood And the othet hero's from the campain from injustice 2 from consulse Plzzzzzzzzzx

Posted by Mohan chopdencar 2017-07-05

Still waiting for chapter 2 in story mode

Posted by NAUSHAD KHAN 2017-07-05

Slow loading Need to improve loading.

Posted by ADL B 2017-07-05

Data connection required; that slow down the phone consume the battery and heat up the device, i suppose to enjoy it but i didn't.

Posted by Carlos Guerra 2017-07-05

Cool beans

Posted by VISHAL MALI 2017-07-05

I tried to downloaded the game 2 time everytime it Comes 98% And then It Automatic start From didn't install.. please fix the problem

Posted by Stelsun Nwadinma 2017-07-05

I love it, but it quits out on me at the "initializing game" part and I use the $50 fire tablet and it's usually good with those types of games except for this Injustice 2, and the regular Injustice game for mobile.☺

Posted by Ben Knafo 2017-07-05

The graphics are good

Posted by Phill G 2017-07-05

Nice graphics

Posted by Kristina Martin 2017-07-05

Love it

Posted by Dante Granados 2017-07-05

Great game and characters

Posted by Darcel Porter 2017-07-05

Need new update I'm getting bored

Posted by Jamie Gay 2017-07-05


Posted by Thriveni Anudeep 2017-07-05

Awsm graphics didn't xpect this for a mobile game

Posted by j justice 2017-07-05

Good gameplay This is a nonstop actchion

Posted by Xection Two 2017-07-05

AAA But We need Chapter 2

Posted by Mike Clem 2017-07-05

The only problem is that it loads extra slow and will close you out at times

Posted by Ethan Mull 2017-07-05

Needs Improvement on fighting controls

Posted by Kirtan Nannoolal 2017-07-05


Posted by Sói Teekay 2017-07-05

Often forced to reopen app: 4 out of 5 times freeze when upgrading gears; claiming rewards in mails have the same percentage of keep loading. I'm using ZenFone 3/android N........

Posted by 2017-07-05

Good for entertainment for kid's

Posted by Custom 14s POPS 2017-07-05

I think you did a great job on the characters and the way you put all the superheroes and Justice League together with their gear and how you can upgrade your gear and actually see the difference. While moving your superhero around to see what he looks like from different angles. I usually don't like Mortal Kombat type of games but in this case the way you put a storyline in with a fighting game. Being from my phone and playing this game like I'm in my living room is pretty badass!

Posted by hooc hocccin 2017-07-05

A little bit slow on my Hauwei p9 lite. But it is a joy to play.

Posted by Stephen Ong 2017-07-05

I can't change my username

Posted by Abdullah Al-ajlouny 2017-07-05

Graphics are bad

Posted by Milind Sharma 2017-07-05


Posted by Wei wen Lim 2017-07-05

Great game, however there's still much room for improvement. If you fix the following problems then a 5 star is inevitable:- 1) first match after loading game always lags 2) characters who has a blocking ability (i.e. wonder woman, superman etc) cannot attack after using the blocking skill, they will continue to block but get hit instead. Downgraded to 3 stars. Too many bugs especially with the mythic wonder woman. Bracelet block skill not responsive and prone to hanging.

Posted by Phoenix Burn 2017-07-05

Unnable to instal not enaugh space

Posted by Tabrez Plays 2017-07-05

Game is good,Gems are hard to earn,I opened so many premium packs an most of them are silvers,make a way to get garanteed gold characters

Posted by Surjeet Bhaskare 2017-07-05

I can't play as well as nova but its very k8ckaas game, great graphics

Posted by Raul Roman Burta 2017-07-05

Nice game but it takes too long to get your hero

Posted by Wendell Wilson 2017-07-05

The overall game is better than the first the only thing I have a problem with is that it won't allow me to get last the 4th part of chapter one

Posted by Enaz Bennefield 2017-07-05

Was better than the first injustice mobile mage in my opinion

Posted by Mike glohovski 2017-07-04

decent game

Posted by vishnu prajapat 2017-07-04

You will need to Improve the Power of Green lantern I have level of 36 of But He playing like as A kid

Posted by Sub Zero 2017-07-04

Amazing! But why no exit? and no choosing different account and choose new game

Posted by Akash Chhetri 2017-07-04

BUG REPORT Inbox: While claiming season rewards the loading screen get permanently stuck and game has to be reloaded again to play. Arena: While playing the character assumes a defensive position and actions are defensive positions. Gear Upgrading: While upgrading gears, the screen gets hung up. Other than these small bugs the game is perfect. Wish the new story mode chapters and leagues come soon. Great game, DC.

Posted by Akachukwu Emegoakor 2017-07-04

Very lovely game. Nice story mode

Posted by Ruma Raj 2017-07-04

Very good graphics

Posted by Vijay Singh 2017-07-04

I'm loving this game, the only thing that bothering me is the block button as sometimes it just seems as if it is not working even when I'm in pressing it. Other than that everything is perfect

Posted by Kev873 B 2017-07-04

Since the newest update 1.4, the game keeps crashing. I never had it crash before this update. That being said, this game is a lot of fun. I'm really impressed by the length of cut scenes for story mode. The only problem I have is learning long combos. I wish there was a tutorial for that. Other than that, and a few frame drops, this game is a blast! Hopefully they will be adding more ways to collect shards, or increase the rate/amount that drop.

Posted by Joe Lambert 2017-07-04

Some bugs but alot of fun

Posted by Ben Kanayama 2017-07-04

Too many bugs and the frame rate is very slow. So much lag.

Posted by kimo khaled 2017-07-04

Its a good game

Posted by 2017-07-04

It's okay for an app version.

Posted by nahuel martinez 2017-07-04

Great game overall,only bad thing i have to say about it is that it frezzes everytime i upgrade gear

Posted by Jonathan Hogg 2017-07-04

Needs a bit of work but it's good fun

Posted by Chris Redd 2017-07-04

It's a little glitchie with the controls on my galaxy s6 but good so far beyond tht

Posted by RNIC TY 2017-07-04

Personally I just feel like the leveling system is just way to hard getting characters or even gems should have a better drop ratio

Posted by Tanzil Malik 2017-07-04

Where is Shazam please back Shazam

Posted by LordCaptain2005 PLAYS 2017-07-04

Cool Graphics and cool characters

Posted by 2017-07-04

Best game you can go inside the game and every 6hours the next update come it is of10000MB .

Posted by Son_Of_Surf 2017-07-04

Very fun

Posted by Tanvir Ahmed 2017-07-04

It's just a game and i love it....

Posted by Savage Jaguar 2017-07-04

The game was awesome after playing Injustice Gods Among Us (mobile and console) I was excited for this the game is so fun but the story should be finished because I beat the story on console I want to see what perks you get for beating this

Posted by caleb ruano 2017-07-04

It is like the console version except less complicated

Posted by GODSWILL ANARI 2017-07-04

I love the game... Good awesome graphics... Buh how do I unlock the chapter 2 ..

Posted by Michael Lyerly 2017-07-04

Good expected better

Posted by Dallas Mathiot 2017-07-04

I like both injustice 2 game can't wait to play more

Posted by siddhartha khan 2017-07-04

Please provide an exit option for the game..if I continue to force close it the game may get corrupted..

Posted by flaming D 2017-07-04

I think it is awsome

Posted by jason emery 2017-07-04

some tweaks, an addition to a section of the game. hopefully devs reach out so I can email suggestions. happy 4th.

Posted by 2017-07-03

is this offline game too?

Posted by Mohd Arief 2017-07-03

After defeating robin in the story mode unable to connect to network. Hence story mode stuck here and cannot proceed to chapter 2

Posted by jayden medina 2017-07-03

I play it just to link it to the console but good overall

Posted by Vincent Wilcox 2017-07-03

Awesome game

Posted by raymond harvey 2017-07-03

Should have more moves other then that great game lots of fun.

Posted by Tristian Ramos 2017-07-03

The story doesent work

Posted by dead zone 2017-07-03

Its cool

Posted by Anoonymouse 123 2017-07-03

Need more characters

Posted by Warren Twocrow 2017-07-03

Pretty ducking cool as game

Posted by tanveer siddique 2017-07-03

I opened the common chest*10 today for 1200 gems and didnt even got a single gold character, is this what i get for investing my time and playing the game, i am a big fan of this game but didnt expected this to happen

Posted by Nicolas Echeverry 2017-07-03

Compared to the first game its an upgrade. Story more entertaining but only 3 or 4 parts accessible even though the full release on other consoles was given. I like it.

Posted by PRANKformers 2017-07-03


Posted by Daniel Dayton 2017-07-03

A great fighter. So far I'm enjoying it better than Injustice God's Among Us. Graphics are amazing for a mobile game. Update: It got real grinding very fast. Going through the campaign each battle the opponents quality shoots up faster than I can raise my team even if you spend money. I lost interest.

Posted by GenEsis 2017-07-03

Decent combat. Literally every fighting game that WB makes, but still different anyway.

Posted by xX LINK Xx 2017-07-03

I wish it was offline

Posted by Akhigbe Kelvin 2017-07-03

Nice job, although the controls are quite similar to Injustice Gods among us is amazing but unfortunately due to I believe network problems the game lags. Still a wonderful game. Please if you can help optimize the app for those of us in developing countries.

Posted by Ekansh Jain 2017-07-03

Hey chapter 2 of story mode is unavailable.... When it will be available???? Pls tell....

Posted by tejeswar sastry 2017-07-03

Giving it 2 stars now.This game has become a battery killer after the update.In order to keep hackers at bay you have messed up with normal game lovers who play for the fun sake.No offline means consumption of data and battery..IGAU and MKX mobile are way better..(Please Fix the Battery consumption issue which is way more than the Android system)

Posted by John Millano 2017-07-03

Game keeps freezing whenever I upgrade Gears.

Posted by Rylie Law 2017-07-02

Just loads a little slow, but I love everything else!

Posted by ajax kumax 2017-07-02

While upgrading the gear the app is getting stuck , after 12:00am the app is not working for 2-3hours,

Posted by Andrew Walters 2017-07-02

Its good at times

Posted by Sohil Khan 2017-07-02

Bery nice game

Posted by Junia Elia Paurangi 2017-07-02

Not bad is are bit slow to load to get to play the game first one way faster..

Posted by AKMARU PANDA 2017-07-02

Good game can have some work done on graphics

Posted by Edjones Flores 2017-07-02


Posted by X Roc 2017-07-02

Makes someone feel the game, just a little more tweak on the controller so that the response time is immediately

Posted by Ramone Deking 2017-07-02

Commands could be better

Posted by Issac Vasquez 2017-07-02

Need to update....

Posted by DAVID Soltar 2017-07-02


Posted by William Hall 2017-07-02

I would give it 5 stars but all I can get is the first chapter in the story mode. Had this game since day 1 and can't move on.

Posted by Mariama Sanoh 2017-07-02

I like it

Posted by Anil Kumar J T 2017-07-02

Options pause and exit required

Posted by Mateo Butcher 2017-07-02

Not bad at all

Posted by Edwin C Mhondiwa 2017-07-02

Ok i guess

Posted by Aaron Yapp 2017-07-02

I'm using the OnePlus 3 and for some reason the controls out of sync, always in guard position, it's either I have to pause halfway during gameplay or restart the app..

Posted by Kidsocool 28 2017-07-02

I like it but when your a person like me and you lose you rage quit like on story mode I can't get past Robin like he is a 12 yr old with a blade he should not been able to kick my ass like that

Posted by Harsh Jaiswal 2017-07-02

The game I had been waiting for months I was a bit sad before that it was for ps4 and Xbox only (since I don't have consoles), but when I heard it s android version will also be there I was more happy than any person in this world This game is love story mode after battle video is not played but only audio And it crashes sometimes Block button is not very effective although 2 finger block is perfectly fine Hope to see improvements in next update

Posted by Aaron Best 2017-07-02

It's a great game the only downfall is that the loading times are soo long

Posted by Yash Vasulkar 2017-07-02


Posted by Ethan Lapka 2017-07-02

Great game

Posted by i sale 2017-07-02

Good game but Robin level impossible to beat

Posted by ??? 2017-07-02

Will DLC Characters Be able to buy when they're Released or will we not see them at all? Please reply

Posted by Tamil Venkat 2017-07-02


Posted by Edmundas Jurkevičius 2017-07-02

Really nice work on this game. Main issues is a bit laggy game interface, long loading battles and some fps drops on ultimates. Please in next update fix crash when upgrading items.

Posted by Musfiqur Rahman 2017-07-02

Awesome powers

Posted by Gaz Potts 2017-07-02

Brilliant game but still has glitches, eggs upgrading gear crashes the game. If not for this and the slow load times would have got 5star

Posted by vikalp srivastava 2017-07-02

Awesome Game!!! But, why is there no Aquaman card although he is in the game???

Posted by Shakoor Tunio 2017-07-02

Since the day it released game was running smooth but after new update now its keep on crashing in arena and often freez in normal fights and get stuck there for while or sometime I have to restart the game. Its been two days now game is automatically forced to back home screen and my energy pills are waisted in arena and normal fights, in final challenge of arena mythic wonder women I faced a glitch when I was in untouchable rank it stoped ranking me up and down for 2 days but after than suddenly I was ranked elite 2 please fix this problem I am using (huawei honor 5c)

Posted by mukunnth gv 2017-07-02

After I finish God fall the next chapter is not like this is not getting unlocked please tell me solution

Posted by owen conteh 2017-07-02

It is ok

Posted by Peter Lazos 2017-07-01

This is a great game, but it takes forever to load and will freeze when I upgrade gear but other than that phenomenonal. If you fix those bugs id gladly redo this to all the stars. Thanks guys

Posted by Sudhir Hooli 2017-07-01

Good game

Posted by My name is Min 2017-07-01

Graphic as everyone said is good for mobile, game play is about the same as the previous game, the rewards keep you motivated to login everyday and play. Another plus for me is there are no intruding ads in the game. Flaws: playing on my oneplus 3t I keep facing game crashing and it is very frustrating as I wasted the energy for nothing and the game will stuck when I am collecting the rewards for arena (not sure others will face the same issue) I hate the controls I don't know if it was lagging or it is the app purposely make you lose, e.g. I block AI's by holding down two fingers, some of the times it doesn't work and I lose the game

Posted by rudinei moreira 2017-07-01

it's really amazing !

Posted by Sathya Anurag Manchikanti 2017-07-01

I don't miss playing this game everyday but it stops suddenly while playing..

Posted by Nathan medina 2017-07-01

It is very addictive

Posted by Ross Elliott 2017-07-01


Posted by Syed Rahaman 2017-07-01

Amazing game ridicules graphics love it a lot

Posted by Gnosistube 2017-07-01

Fun game

Posted by Brian Stine 2017-07-01

A must have game....

Posted by Tahp Kkjhhnn 2017-07-01

Great game,Just a bit laggy but except that,Its awesome!

Posted by Willie Redecop 2017-07-01

Vary addicting an great game just love it but really need an easier way to get gems or demands thank you.

Posted by Talon Bennett 2017-07-01

Not that good

Posted by Giorgi Goginava 2017-07-01

I think it has weak graphics caz first one was more realistic, I prefer first one but this game has better, the story line

Posted by 2017-07-01

I'd like if you coud mack harrley quinn

Posted by Spencer Riles 2017-07-01

Cool game.

Posted by Rakshith Ramesh 2017-07-01

Nice Game

Posted by Akshay Nikumbh 2017-07-01

Very nice game...

Posted by 2017-07-01

Change control same like street fighter moving style this game will be perfect

Posted by Louie Rivera 2017-07-01

Fun game

Posted by Cameron Bibbs 2017-07-01

no new story mode missions have been added. Been close to three months since launch with only one minor update that includes Wonder Woman

Posted by Kunal Bhatia 2017-07-01

I have been playing this game since it's launch, and recently I accidentally uninstalled it and it won't open after reinstalling.

Posted by Jon Wolf 2017-07-01

Love the game but I don't understand how the developers haven't put an end to the cheaters in the arena mode. They rack up impossible scores immediately and make it so that regularly players cannot advance their standings.

Posted by harris jones 2017-07-01

good game

Posted by David W. 2017-07-01

Good gane but of course the character shard model is a little annoying and cash grabby but not anything worse than most other free to play mobile games

Posted by Quakeium 2017-07-01

I'm wait it's a good like kinda has a bit good graphics

Posted by Poelar Bear 2017-07-01

This game is so heavy for zenfone 2. I mean it would be good if you guys can make it faster. I need about a minute just to load the game

Posted by Mahesh Mahi 2017-07-01

I'm impressed wid d gameplay and graphics..

Posted by kill elizard 2017-07-01

I want WRB create a new character is death smoke and i want deathstroke back in injustice 2

Posted by Abhinav Sharma 2017-07-01

Very nice game, need more characters tho.

Posted by RaNd Dash 2017-07-01

I love everything about this game....BUT it freezes ALOT and it crashed the same way on both of my phones

Posted by Doru 2017-07-01

Seems to be a bug with silver superman, shards stuck at 8/10

Posted by Jimmuel Tuazon 2017-07-01

Good gameplay but a little bit sluggish and slow loading.

Posted by Khalid Mahir 2017-07-01

Awesome game

Posted by Moo K'Saw 2017-07-01

Is good

Posted by Joseph Miller 2017-07-01

Game crashes when I upgrade gear. And plz if you get the chance add Suicide Squad The Joker. Thank you for the good game.

Posted by Лазарев Дмитрий 2017-07-01

The impact button ceases to work periodically, instead of them the block

Posted by Balasei Alexandru 2017-07-01

Do something with the control in this game

Posted by Shafiq Mohamed 2017-07-01

The game is magnificent

Posted by Saeed Mizan 2017-07-01

There are a few things that need to be fixed in a later update. 1. Loading times are immensely long. 2. Cinematic stories do not work very well. In my phone they just show a black screen with audio. BTW my phone has a 1.4 GHz processor and 2 gb RAM. Pretty sure that's enough. 3. The game crashes frequently but I'm sure that the problem will be fixed in an update. 4. We should have proper settings for controlling graphics of the game such as a simple texture quality slider. 5. This is an in-game problem. The Hero and the Premium Hero Chests are a Scam. I already got three silver characters from the Premium Hero chest in a row! After spending almost a 500 - 600 gems(they are very easy to collect) I only got one gold Hero. 6. They should also optimise it for lower end phones so that they run smoothly. Please acknowledge this review.

Posted by abhinav lodhi 2017-07-01

Absolutely wonderfull

Posted by KBrazzy Vevo 2017-06-30

Its a great game I love playing it but it won't let Me change my name I'm stuck on “small-wild“.

Posted by Alfattah Ishti 2017-06-30

in one word it's a good game

Posted by Diane Navarro 2017-06-30

It is good

Posted by Duel Ward 2017-06-30

Response time is slow when attacking and defense is used.

Posted by asif fidz 2017-06-30

Love this one...super cool. All my fav heroes in one game. But it lacks too much.

Posted by Akif Syafiq 2017-06-30

A good game but needs a few fixes due to bugs in the controls in the middle of a fight.

Posted by nieshant khurana 2017-06-30

Good Game

Posted by Andrew Morrison 2017-06-30

Well i ultimately think the first was better. I do however enjoy this version.

Posted by popi gayan 2017-06-30

It's good and the graphics is addictive but slow loading

Posted by Zqol Gaming 2017-06-30


Posted by GAME ON! ! 2017-06-30

Everything was really awesome but the graphics man they are horrid hopefully u guys can fix it

Posted by Amber Payton 2017-06-30

Would not let me start first level

Posted by Jason Cavanaugh 2017-06-30

Why can't I play past chapter 1 in story mode? Game is awesome other than that. Campaign is fun. Arena is fun. Story is bumming me out. Can someone help me with this problem?

How to download and install Injustice 2 on Android/PC

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), fans continue to be so excited with its sequel “Injustice 2”. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.The game was released in May 2017, however just for PS4 and Xbox one, which made many fans of it and gamers can’t get access to this fascinating game. Fortunately, thanks to the release of a companion mobile app, gamers can experience it with IOS and Android devices. If you are a Marvel ’s fan, don’t skip this game. Role- play your favourite DC super-heroes and enjoy the battle. But what if you don’t have those kinds of device or your device is not suitable with the requirement of this game and you still want to play it? Then, don’t worry, you can download Injustice 2 apk to overcome these problems.

Why you should have Injustice 2 installed:

-Plot : With the thrilling plot, players are easily attracted to the world of Injustice 2. Here, you, yourself are heroes, along with your collaborators, find the way to defeat all the enemies and put the Earth at peace. There are two endings which bring more interesting and surprising moments for all players. Especially, for Marvel’s fans, this is where you can show your knowledge about DC heroes and satisfy the desire of being your own favourite heroes and fighting.
-Characters: there are 28 playable characters, consisting of both new and returning heroes and villains in the base roster for Injustice 2. Moreover, the game will also feature 10 additional characters available as downloadable content (DLC), so the characters system is very diverse, which promises to bring continually changing experience for players.
-Combat: In Injustice 2, you get a wider array of attacks by tapping the screen, swiping sideways down or up. The most interesting thing in controlling your character in combat is, the finishing moves or special moves have also been tweaked. Gone are the unblockable special moves and its corresponding animations. Here, the finishers or special moves are neatly integrated in the fight, making it more realistic and blockable.
-Graphics: You can’t ask more from Injustice 2 because it can satisfy all your expectation for graphics. This is all a really good base by which fighting games can be broadly appealing and still impress in the modern era of gaming. The movement of character in the battle is also very smoothy. Injustice 2 can bring you best experience while playing.
- Injustice 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favourite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super- hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.
If the mobile version is too heavy for your device, or your phones don’t use IOS or Android operating system, you can download Injustice 2 on your PC and copy to your phone or experience it on your own PC.

Download Injustice 2 apk for free the latest version:

You can download Injustice 2 apk absolutely free for the latest version here and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I will show you the way to download Injustice 2 file apk. Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using Android Emulators:

1. Install Android emulator on your PC ( If you have already installed Android emulator, you can skip this step and start to download Injustice 2 game apk).
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for PC here and save to your PC.
3. Open Android emulator on your PC.
4. Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
5. Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
6. Injustice 2 app installed on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy this game.

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using ARC Welder Extension

1. Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for pc free here and save to your pc
3. Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
4. Add apk file downloaded (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
5. Now Injustice 2 is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy this game.
You see? Download Injustice 2 Apk is pretty easy!
(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download Injustice 2 apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

Injustice 2 on Google Play

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