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Posted by Paul Daniels 2017-07-07

The game is great and i would give a better note if it were not for the million bugs...

Posted by Ogular 20 2017-07-06

It's a goid game but they should of kept it with the original style like mortal kombat x or injustice 1

Posted by marvin weital 2017-07-06

I bet there is another one going out online,on a mobile game all together i think is the best it could be better but graphics good, story i like it,and the action power attacks are improved which makes it more fun

Posted by Adrian Diaz 2017-07-06

Its ok

Posted by yan lin 2017-07-06

Lol ripoff

Posted by young lemark 2017-07-06

I love this game so damn enjoyable but it gets boring waiting for energy, like for real 10 minutes for only 1 bar and you need at least 8 bars to fight in only 1 fight

Posted by clinton armand 2017-07-06

The first one will always be top#1, this Is stupid. The company should continue upgrading the first one.

Posted by Sergio Freire 2017-07-06

Its impossible to level your character only get 3 trys a day to get token outta 160. Also challenges same thing its impossible to get the characters you want

Posted by Anexros Gaming 2017-07-06

BUG: Issue with Google play achievements, doesn't award any and also doesn't show it's even installed when I go into Google Play.

Posted by Mason Barrow 2017-07-06

Great game just a little buggy and you only get experience for the campaign so everything else is pretty much a waste of time

Posted by Ryan Schuler 2017-07-06

A would be great game unfortunately marred by some poor designs and inconsistent controls. Operations is tedious due to being forced to put one character in at a time instead of up to three per op at once. Random rewards for challenges needs to go; it's frustrating, disrespectful to players who all put in the same energy/effort, and only serves to turn ppl away from the game. Shard system and drop rates need to be tweaked. Game often freezes when upgrading gear. Worst of all is the inconsistent controls. Blocks don't always activate, combos stop stringing together for no reason, specials often delay or don't activate at all, regular attacks glitch into blocks, evading rarely works as you get hit by attacks that clearly didn't connect. These are a majority of problems I've noticed, but still not all. Fixing these issues would go a long way to ensuring the game's long term appeal to players.

Posted by Angela Tejedor 2017-07-06

The game is pretty cool but it is slow and so much ads

Posted by Gaurang S 2017-07-06

Well its an awesome game with fantastic graphics and all. But the problem is you only get a few characters from chests again and again. You dont get new characters which gets annoying. Please developers do something about it. I loved the previous version too so please. And also its been a while but the chapter 2 still hasnt been added. So please solve these issues.

Posted by 2017-07-06

Meh its giod and bad but mostly good

Posted by Hrit Chakraborty 2017-07-06

I cannot write my name above the account level. Whenever I press anything in the keyboard, the keyboard vanishes and I cannot rewrite my account name. Please fix this!!!

Posted by Victor Mkondo 2017-07-06

Great game but sumtimes during arena battles the game glitches and controls dont work

Posted by CHICKENY WINGZ 2017-07-06

in story mode chapter 1 the problem with truth and justice I would will but it wouldn't let me go to the next level

Posted by Don Dhanushka 2017-07-06

Posted by Rohan Solanki 2017-07-06

Chapter 2 not unlocking even after I have cleared all the previous fights Please respond

Posted by Shahwar Khaleel 2017-07-06

Controls are not accurate. Data is also not accurate (i.e if u play 5 arena battles or something then it will be counted as 3) and the same goes with the story, even if you play one level 10 times the next level won't unlock.

Posted by Bryant Martin 2017-07-06

Gameplay is pretty good on the s8 but i do have an issue with the xp boosts. It nvr lets me select them. So i have a bunch of boost just sitting in inventory that i cant even use. Some help aould be nice.

Posted by Adil Sulaiman 2017-07-06

I completed a chapter in story mode 3 times yet not able to move forward. Stil stuck in same chapter. Please do somthing bout dis

Posted by THE DUES 2017-07-06

Can you make make it compatible with android jellybeen version

Posted by Ethan Yang 2017-07-06

Ok so i started the game couples month ago i played through and got other characters thanks for trying to help Warner Bros

Posted by cody combs 2017-07-06

Freezes when trying to upgrade or shatter gear and the block doesn't respond half the time. Ease fix these things

Posted by fredrick canales 2017-07-06

The old injustice game was better in the aspect that you could do challenges to get a "special" character or you could buy them with points/money idk why it wasn't included in this game because all I get with the packs is gear I can't use/repeat gear or repeat characters

Posted by Deathdome 32 2017-07-06

The overall game and idea is great! The game is enjoyable and great to get some time off my hands. I've played the game for a while and at first many missions were really hard until I unlocked more options (Arenas,Operations,etc...) to lvl up my characters. I do have a few complaints though. Not too sure if Operations is worth it, Takes a bit of time without giving much. Other than that I have encountered a few bugs which are annoying, Such as sometimes while fighting, my character only blocks(No matter where I touch the screen) It's caused me to lose a lot of times. [Can be fixed by oausing and unpausing] Another is Most of the time when I upgrade gear, the game freezes and I have to restart it. Another I've encountered is after finishing a fight on Story mode, the cutscene goes black, but can still be heard. (Goes back to normal after it's done) I believe that is what I most dislike. Other than That, this id a great game

Posted by shubham kumar 2017-07-05

It's a good game... But story mode are not unlocked.. I have completed first story when 2nd story will be released?

Posted by Steven 2017-07-05

Game keeps freezing and restarting during battles. Needs an update to fix the bugs.

Posted by Michael Aliwarga 2017-07-05

The game is too linear. I think there are lot of things wrong with the game. Takes forever to load, clunky controller, boring challenges to name a few. Oh did I mention the stupid arena battle where you will always find tougher enemies with pay to play account while you are just biting your nails with free to play. So I just stop playing arena all together because of that. I do have to give em credit for the graphic tho

Posted by PatrickStar 2004 2017-07-05

It's a great game. As I play the game, in the middle it immediately shuts down and leaves the app.

Posted by Prophet Matthews 2017-07-05

I am seriously disappointed in this app. So much potential yet it isn't give anything. 1. The challenge mood sucks ass. In every game you get either character or enough charter shards to make a serious difference after completing a challenge. Not with this game. 2. The console game has a variety of fighters to choose from and use. The app game DOES NOT! When will they be released??????? You can only win and get the same characters from challenge mode and the boxes for gems. Smh. And most likely it's the same silver characters you don't want nor need. 3. Character gears are SCARCE !!! So when you finally do get a gold character, you have to pray and beg to get or win their gears. Will take a WHILE. BUT IN ALL THE GAME IS KINDA FUN. BUT HOPEFULLY A SERIOUS UPGRADE IS COMING TO MAKE THE GAME WHAT IT TRUELY CAM BE

Posted by Diego Cardenas 2017-07-05

Everything is okay except for when I try to upgrade some gear it will freeze and not let me do anything afterwards. Please fix this.

Posted by Alok Raj 2017-07-05

New update please

Posted by Arun Vk 2017-07-05

whenever it becomes 12am , the reward menu gives an error and cant claim the reward and cannot go further . what the hell developers?

Posted by Shadan Baag 2017-07-05

Great game but getting 3-4 star characters even in a PREMIUM CHEST is a RARE possiblity. Pls make our hardwork count guys. PLS Plus the MATCHMAKING has become TERRIBLE since the new UPDATE

Posted by Stephanie Shaver 2017-07-05

I love playing but every time I upgraded my characters gear it always freezes so I have to restart the app every time in order to upgrade. Please fix.

Posted by Joe Crumbleholme 2017-07-05

later on gems are so hard to obtain the constant crash's when okayed heroic or arena are so annoyed and take your energy from you and the problem of not being able to transfer your account from ios to Android ect is very annoyed and invested lots off time and can't transfer data

Posted by Lovetta Allgood 2017-07-05


Posted by Abrar 2017-07-05

Roster customization needs to take place. More rosters like aqua man needed, improved rewards and better storylines.

Posted by Y Tho 2017-07-05

Decent game - however, sick of getting the same 2 common heroes in the permium chest over and over again. + Opponent should have same power meter fill up rate :/

Posted by Felicia Martin 2017-07-05

Not like the CD one

Posted by Ray Kon 2017-07-05

Edit:The premium chests are the worst to be frank...n no matter how many chests u spin u only get 1 stars...this game is only for those who spend lotsss of money on games...very biased indeed...need an update too for the story mode and also for the roster...

Posted by usama alam 2017-07-04

I never think Bit the game thinks

Posted by Trunks Prince Of All Saiyans 2017-07-04

Its good, but lags a bit. Also there's a bug in story mode, you've to play same level twice to unlock next level. When will the level after batman vs robin release?

Posted by Girish Sadananda 2017-07-04

Too many bugs

Posted by UTSAV HADIAL 2017-07-04

Everytime I Upgrade gear game hangs and i have to restart the game. Please fix this.

Posted by Bryan Alvarado 2017-07-04

Good game when will chapter 2 be available I have won robin many times

Posted by Lucky Moua 2017-07-04

Ok first of all, I thought when u download the game, I thought u can play the story mode all the way just like part 1, but when I passed the mission where I'm versing Robin, the next said it's coming soon. What? I have to wait for that? And plus, I got so irritated and frustrated dying from versing Robin. I had to try again and again. The only way I beated him was defending until I get to use one of the power moves. I mean bc of that, now all I have to play is the campaign and send my heroes to do missions. The game seems ok, but at the same time, it feels kind of boring waiting for the other missions or chapter to come up. That's all I have to say.

Posted by Lex Collins 2017-07-04

Good. Game

Posted by Richard Bartniczek 2017-07-04

Fun game. Would be higher but there is a glitch which prevents you from attacking. Characters just stutter in and out of there block animation. Please fix

Posted by chris kind 2017-07-04

The fighting is pretty stiff, blocking doesn't work at all. Story mode is stupid hard. Lots of sweet dc characters, easy to level up. Arena makes no sense, only can fight teams quite a bit better than you. Barely gets 3 stars

Posted by Matt Lowe 2017-07-04

Graphics are too cartoonish looking. I was expecting an improvement from the original. This feels like a downgrade. The controls are excellent and I like the gameplay itself. Honestly though, I like the original better. Keep forcing myself to play it and try to like it... Not happening so far.

Posted by Liberty William 2017-07-04

It is working on my friend's phone but on my own after loading assets it will crash is it because I chose to play as a guest please what should I do

Posted by 2017-07-04

Loading takes forever and glitches are annoying

Posted by Devang Pardeshi 2017-07-04

The gameplay is best but while claiming the daily rewards it keep burfuring

Posted by Shawn ELITE 1 2017-07-04

You need to make the moves faster for we can do combos

Posted by surya teja 2017-07-04

It is frustrating difficult to get new characters. And what the heck is up with the story mode? Will it be released EVER?

Posted by khalisa 790 2017-07-04

Is good but that graphics is

Posted by Pro Hacks 2017-07-04

This is one of the most amusing games to play.Perfect graphics but very poor graphical optimization.Would adjust the rating when I recognize improvement in graphics and much less lags.

Posted by Sharna Edwards 2017-07-04

Little glitchy but cool game

Posted by Martin Macias 2017-07-03

Will it ever be avaliable on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4S can't really pack such a huge install on your phone storage. Waiting ever so patiently.

Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez 2017-07-03

This game is some bulls*** yeast playing but it needs some updates to fix some glitches, lags so yeah is about it pretty good game thow.

Posted by Gabriel Lamotte 2017-07-03

Pay to win is boring

Posted by Stephen Paul Samynathan 2017-07-03

The game is good but at times still crashes and still laggy compared to the iOS version.

Posted by 2017-07-03

Just need to speed up and freezes alot but goo game

Posted by Alexander Klyuchnikov 2017-07-03

Controls aren't good. The game crashes often and loads a lot. AI is cheating.

Posted by WHITE THUNDER 2017-07-03

The animations are bad you can do better

Posted by Jourdan Stevens 2017-07-03

Add blue beetle and nightwing

Posted by Dsrf Entertainment 2017-07-03

Slow loading

Posted by Martina Aurora Lebron 2017-07-03

The game always crashes and never responds I've kept trying to play but end up crashing I'll rate this a 1 star if not fixed!

Posted by Thuffail Ahammed 2017-07-03

Too many bugs and takes huge time for loading

Posted by Donald Savage 2017-07-03

Love the game and how you can upgrade characters and gear but I have been playing for a few weeks and still no update to fix the bugs. This could be an awesome game but it is very frustrating to play with all the problems it has.

Posted by BR1 zeee 2017-07-03

Update 3/7/17 - uninstalled and reinstalled app. Now seems to b workin ok. Update 1/7/17 - the game has now stopped opening and crashes within seconds of the insanely long wonder woman trailer starting. Really poor considering the mkx and injustice 1 both still work

Posted by Rishaad Ali 2017-07-03

One of the best games but takes too much space and takes very long to download since it's nearly, being 15 hours and is continuing I rate it 4 1/2 star's

Posted by Sev Cabrera 2017-07-03

Only for high end phones. Please optimize for mid range phones too.

Posted by Jacob Driscoll 2017-07-02

The drop rates for good characters is absolutely frustrating you end up getting little amounts that add up to OK characters

Posted by Kevin Hamelin 2017-07-02

The game is fun for a while, but then you start to save your gems (these take forever to get) to buy a Premium Hero chest... only to get the same 1 star heroes that are in the cheaper chests. Without paying real money, good luck ever competing in arenas or getting high enough star level characters to complete the game.

Posted by Dleko Urial 2017-07-02

A decent tie in app, however it does not connect to the Xbox one game.

Posted by Pulkit Rastogi 2017-07-02

Claiming rewards from inbox is not working properly. The loaders show indefinifately. Please fix.

Posted by 2017-07-02

It's an ok game its just well boring

Posted by Courtney Barbee 2017-07-02

Loading takes forever and it freezes a lot. I like the first one better

Posted by KinG_Of_GamEs the_pro_gamer 2017-07-02

The updates take to long and I've only been able to play the tutorial!!!

Posted by Patrick Self 2017-07-02

the cinematics skip and are slow

Posted by Roy Ratzon 2017-07-02

Great graphics, but very unclear game. The controls get stuck sometimes, Too many currencies without explanation what they are used for.

Posted by Mahathir Md Hassan 2017-07-02

Takes forever to load profile

Posted by Alicia Bethany 2017-07-02

Slow to load. Glitch in controls during story mode and campaign battles causes player's heros to freeze, unable to fight.

Posted by Marco Messah 2017-07-02

Good game, but fall short on so many levels. I dig the idea that there are more to do during combat than just tap tap tap. You can slide back, slide forward, jump, crouch kick. It makes the game fun. However! It suffers from serious issues. Slow loading times. It is absolutely horrendous. It is faster for me to finish a fight, than the time it takes to load it! What the hell?? The shard system I believe is a very poor downgrade compared to the character card system of Mortal Kombat X (also made by same company). In MKX, each time you save up souls (crystals in this game), and spend it on random character boxes, you are rewarded with guaranteed good stuff (gold character is a guarantee). In Injustice 2, you do not have any of that. You save up your crystals, hoping for some good characters, but all you get is the silver characters. Even after you pay extra silver for hoping for the gold. My sense is that the crystals are trying to be shoved down our faces, so that we cannot help but spend money into it, instead of creating a good game that gives good incentive and reward. The way games are supposed to be made. I think ultimately, this game is just ok. I would rate it lower, but they have improved the game mechanic somewhat, and there is a strong potential for this game to shine, but absurd load times and disproportionate reward to effort really caused this game to suffer.

Posted by I'm LordOfTheChin 2017-07-02

Waited til the 1st update to rewrite a new review. Graphics are good, controls for me are absolutely godawful on mobile and unresponsive especially when trying to use the tiny block button or a special ability. Gear in this version is entirely different to console version all characters get 1 version of each piece of gear gloves, weapon, helmet etc and you upgrade it but the gear is not varied like the console version. Whenever I upgrade gear the game crashes. Will this game have guilds or whatever they're called like the console version? Arena is a joke you will always fight more powerful enemies.

Posted by Chris Deluna 2017-07-02

I love the game but no code appears on either the console or mobile to link the two.

Posted by Emari Catlin 2017-07-02

Didn't live up to the first one. Heavy on pay2win.

Posted by AriesIs Ok 2017-07-02

I like the game it's just that the game freezes at the same spot everytime so I can't really play it please fix

Posted by Simon Turner 2017-07-02

How do I link the game to console? On my XBOX it says enter code from mobile link, and yet in the this version of game it says enter code displayed on console, the same, so how does that work then? Where is the code? Doesn't make sense?

Posted by 2017-07-02

The reason why I put this rating is because ever time it starts the game comes out 2 home screen pls fix it because I really want 2 play this game because I'm a huge fan of injustice

Posted by Eli Neiman 2017-07-02


Posted by okunade oreoluwa 2017-07-02

The game is lagging on my infinix zero 3 and I will have given it a 5 star if not for that the game exceeds my expectations for a mobile game

Posted by Mr Killer bro 2017-07-02

It was ok but i really hoped that when u use one characters power ur other character still has he's but wb didn't add that. The game play was alright not the best but will do. The graphics were ok (in cut scenes ) but in game nooo graphics were terrible. But that's why i only rate a 3. Creature's of the game this is my msg to you: Your lucky i was nice a rated it a 3 coz if this wasn't from wb i would've rated a 1. So just next time make ur games really good, and I'll for sure rate a 5 on it (if i like it). Thanks.

Posted by Priyesh Hanumanth 2017-07-02

No more levels in story mode. Gets crashed when getting daily rewards

Posted by Cathie Vishnevsky 2017-07-02

Disappointed. Feels like it's still in beta. There is absolutely no strategy, everything is random and you increase things by such small amounts for so great a price the higher you go (example: XP needed per level increases drastically each level after 30.) All gears are identical IF you are lucky enough to randomly draw them. You can not just get a gold card like in IGAU (without 49.99). Instead everything is a random draw-i've paid for 28 hero chests both regular and premium and got a single gold card(but none of her gears). My favorite thing about IGAU was strategy. That's gone, imho. It is addicting though, (til you reach a wall) and very lovely graphics. But gameplay so buggy it's hard to believe it was released.

Posted by amila poorna 2017-07-02


Posted by Ethan Jones 2017-07-02

Loved it at first now when I got out and got back in again it just turned black please help me

Posted by Soubeka Raimundo 2017-07-02

Its a good game, but when i try to upgrade a gear, it freezes/glitches

Posted by Калоян Павлов 2017-07-02

Sooo many bugs i really don't know where to start. For example 80 % of the time in the middle of the battle the heroes just stop punching and block only. And when are you going to change the shards and equipment in the arena store? Not only i have none of the Heroes there but i don't even want to have such in my collection. Nevertheless the game is a classic and a perfect time killer. I loved the first edition, i enjoy the second too but it is clear that it's made for payers... unfortunately i am not into paying for mobile games. Please fix the bugs and change the Sortiment in the Arena store. Good luck

Posted by Vinuth kolla saha Mahabellana Mithuro 2017-07-02

Is it only to me that the heroes are only black otherwise it is good

Posted by kingsly jeol 2017-07-01

please make the objectives more to make gems it is difficult for making gems we need only gems for buying heroes not in the money so make to get gems easily...if i buy premium chest iam not even getting a single gold card

Posted by Aufa Rahman 2017-07-01

This game is good, and the graphics are good too, but the loading is preety slow. Please fix

Posted by Tom H 2017-07-01

It's a good timekiller but the controls are really choppy

Posted by Marquise Thompson 2017-07-01

It's good I guess

Posted by T Stukes 2017-07-01

Great graphics and overall game. Needs help in controls, response times and load times. I only see one glitch consistently; frozen game after upgrading equipment. The new level won't show under the equipment and I have to restart the whole game (and suffer through the intro video for about 20 seconds). I really liked the first Injustice mobile game but this one will be better than it within a year, after some much needed maintenance.

Posted by Efren Moreno 2017-07-01

You should at blue bettle

It's good and badPosted by Dayann Garrett 2017-07-01

I can't do free battles but it's still good

Posted by Jason Colley 2017-07-01

I'm seeing all kinda talk online about a mobile update but see no way to get it. buying reg hero chest, and gold hero chests is a rip off. I have bought 20 gold hero chests, and got only 2 new characters the other 18 were copies. i got 4 Grodds in a row once! This needs fixed immediately. The energy refill takes way to long to refill, unless you spend hard earned gems. it seems like a "pay to play game". also you need new characters not different versions of the same ones. also where am I supposed to get gear for unhinged Harley Quinn if you don't fight her? Rely on random chest, or hope to get it during operations? That is way too low of a chance. You need to make a better store where you can buy Gear. Also there is no way to upgrade your gear, or alter it with other people's Gear to change your hero's appearance like console. plus it crashes all the time. needs update bug fix badly

Posted by Travis Patterson 2017-07-01

It's a good game

Posted by Akshay Garg 2017-07-01

Good game... But should work on the technical glitches in the game, e.g. Daily rewards do not refresh at 12 and this makes the game unavailable to me for a few hours.

Posted by Mukul Mudgil 2017-07-01

There are a couple of bugs, like it is unable to connect to server while collecting daily rewards every time and have to restart the game in order to move forward.

Posted by Aj Trunks 2017-07-01

Im geting error 570,my wifi is working also in game there are limited graphics and gameplay is really poor compairing to mortal combat x need more improvement i think

Posted by Abhishek Jm 2017-07-01

Guys please increase the rewards for arena and challenges while decreasing it's difficulty. Challenges are very difficult and don't even guarantee a hero unlock unless you are actually doing that for a year. And for the premium hero chest, please at least give more hero shards than 10. It feels as though spending the extra 100 gems is not worth it. And getting a 3 star gold character is just a dream. And I'm waiting for Brainiac, Darkseid, Supergirl and Bluebeetle characters.

Posted by Dylan Morin 2017-07-01

It's fine

Posted by Gabe Thom 2017-07-01

This game needs to have more suits for the characters.And make the online find a opponent like the console​ version does.Everyone wants to see there characters hit each other like the console version. And add more flashes.

Posted by Krutik Churi 2017-07-01

First of all at the start we have to to see the trailer of wonder woman that's too long and then even having such high speed net, it takes almost 5 min to start a campaign match and sometimes even the game crashes .

Posted by Jason vose 2017-07-01

All the time it kicks me out.

Posted by Cory Weston 2017-07-01

***GREAT GAME*** but it just takes to long to load

Posted by Miniaturefoxx 1 2017-07-01

Now i just get hero shards and they are for characters that i dont use..... yay.

Posted by Matt Landreneau 2017-07-01

Game is fun. LONG load times. And every time I claim a message the game freezes will loading

Posted by Jason Parker 2017-07-01

As your level gets higher it gets harder and harder to accumulate gems and unlocking a character 5 hero shards at a time is unachievable. You need to make it so that 50 gems gets you a quarter of the way there. The challenges only yirld one shard at a time and you can only do it 3 times a day do how are you supposed to finally unlock the character? You should at least be able to play as many times as you want til you unlock the 160 shards. By the time you've saved enough up the characters have rolled round on to the next weekly one. It's so annoying! The random hero chest needs to change as well you should be able to save up for whatever character you want. I'm sick of jumping through hoops just to keep getting Superman and the Joker. I want the Flash he's only one star is it too much to ask!

Posted by sai chandu 2017-07-01

The game is really good. But it lags sometimes, the campaign and story modes is also good.

Posted by Carlo Magno Gilo 2017-07-01

Black screen during cinematics and make it offline mode.

Posted by Dalton Ingalls 2017-07-01

Controls slightly better than the first. But, looks worse.

Posted by harvinder singh 2017-07-01

Again im saying it is too laggy and slow. it lags horribly even on 3 gb ram and octacore processor and sufficient space available but very low frames not exceeding 15fps. Plzz update and optimize or provide graphics options in game

Posted by Auf Thaqif 2017-06-30

Must fix was laging if play...and the controller is lag..please fix it..i like this game..but it was lag n to slow while fighting...

Posted by Jonathan Woodman 2017-06-30

I don't like the fact that you can't sync mobile and council because it won't let me type the code in

Posted by Sashka the Arasai 2017-06-30

How do I link Injustice 2 to your mobile? All I get is a game, I have the game

Posted by Shrek The Ogre 2017-06-30

Its a fun game with lots of characters and fun fighting.But the network issues are so infuriating.I barely finish one fight before im disconnected.Fix this netherrealm.

Posted by ivanov093 2017-06-30

It's a fun game. However, while it doesn't have a pay wall it has a time wall that's extremely close. This game wants your money, and it wants a lot of it. If you have a lot of money or are really patient and can live without getting your way, you'll have a pretty fun experience.

Posted by Woodensonic 2017-06-30

The game is really fun, however it lags from time to time and sometimes there is a lot of lag. Also there is a problem to where I cannot type anything because when I try to type with my keyboard it keeps going away! Because of this I cannot change my name or link to console. Please fix this!

Posted by Jacob Lazos 2017-06-30

It has decent game play but it glitches a lot and needs a lot of improvement

Posted by Skibbldy Dibbildy Doo 2017-06-30

It was fine. Only if it didn't take up so much space, it would be 5 stars

Posted by Jj K 2017-06-30

This game is too much storge

Posted by Kane Jones 2017-06-30

*please read* I loved injustice for a long time. This, is just disappointing. First of all, you NEED TO add better-looking characters. Second of all add way more characters. Now, this is the main thing is that you can't play with no internet. I mean, COME ON!!! There is a campaign mode that requires no internet at all!!! I would highly recommend to do those things. Thanks.

Posted by Dragon Monkee 2017-06-30

Always get same repeat characters after spending 150 gems which are not easy to obtain and the controls are clunky. Another example of big money cashing in on movies

Posted by Tanvir Ahmed 2017-06-30

Arena doesn't load, it says network error. Please fix

Posted by Vinayak goyal 2017-06-30


Posted by daquan fletcher 2017-06-29

The game is great a lot of fun, but to this day i still struggle connecting to the console version. I've been trying since launce but everytime it prompts me to type in the code my keyboard does not function properly tried on both phones but still no luck

Posted by Gamers Forever 2017-06-29

This game is force close

Posted by Katrina Thomas 2017-06-29

It's an OK game

Posted by Shamar Morgan 2017-06-29

The game speed is too slow...

Posted by Paul Stinson 2017-06-29

Control is a little mess up graphics isn't the best.

Posted by Kelby Harper 2017-06-29

Loved injustice one! Two is sub par the graphics don't look nearly as good and the characters are too cartoonish plus why can't you merge the games? However it's more interactive to get your attention every day. Happy medium would be great

Posted by THE 9MILEZONE 2017-06-29

Question? Why do you guys treat android users like we're not good enough to have reflections,shadows,water_puddles in game like iOS version of injustice that's really terrible for your android audiences to be giving us less than we deserved!

Posted by Remy Rhodes 2017-06-29

Still needs some improvements arena battles my characters glitch and sometimes it throws me out after ready to battle causing me to loose those lighting bolts to play certain parts

Posted by Shahbaz Ali Choudry 2017-06-29

Okay so it's at a point to where if you DO add chapter 2, you might as well add chapter 3 4 and 5. We have been waiting way too long now and it's really beginning to kill the mood off this game.

Posted by Skhumbuzo Mtambo 2017-06-29

Make it playable offline please

Posted by 2017-06-29

It keeps shutting off while playing and watching the cinematic storylines... It loads like a snail but great graphics and controls...its better than the first one but these bugs need to be fixed for us to enjoy this game...thanks

Posted by Logan Brooke 2017-06-29

I love the game but it won't let me change my username its kinda annoying. And its really hard to get gems once you've got all the achievements.THIS IS SO ANNOYING I LITTERALLY TRIED TO SAVE UP GEMS TO GET SCARECROW SHARDS AND IT BOUGHT 8,000 FRICKEING COINS INSTEAD FOR NO REASON IM SO PISSED GIVE ME MY 50 GEMS BACK

Posted by Puneet Dalal 2017-06-29

It is slow, hangs while claiming awards from inbox. Takes too much time in responding

Posted by Rezha Arifin 2017-06-29

Loading Trus bang :v !!!

Posted by Michael Mccarthy 2017-06-29

Like the game, but plenty of problems. Hoping for a new update to fix bugs and change My name this week. Update on comments, like the game but can't contact WB with email to explain bugs and I have 3 tickets on my problems with the game. Hoping to update soon and my name in the game!

Posted by M Saif 2017-06-29

Everything is good but story mode has bugs.. I'd defeated superman 4 time.. still the story is not getting forward.. it shows that i have to defeat him again

Posted by Christopher Sandino 2017-06-29

Can you fix the bug with the special blocks, after i use them and i try to attack it keeps blocking and it drains all my power and it costs me close games that i spend 18+ energy on.

Posted by Preston 2017-06-29

too buggy

Posted by Manuel Magdaleno 2017-06-29

Phone App. Game will freeze up constantly. Character gets stuck in block. Or just stuck and your character will die.. Constant errors in hero purchase.. you'll get cheated regularly​.. great game with a ton of errors.

Posted by Daniel Ambrose 2017-06-29

The gameplay is great, but the game keeps on kicking me out!

Posted by Mr. Gamer 22 2017-06-29

It's not too bad but sometimes the gameplay is a bit choppy and not as smooth as I would like it

Posted by Darkgelo Rampola 2017-06-29

Needs imprubement

Posted by DAVID MCNAIR 2017-06-29

I really enjoy the game play it just takes forever to load their for i could only give it 3 stars

Posted by Sunny Sekhon 2017-06-29

First of all make the game's layout simple like the previous injustice game it was so good and efficient and secondly make the cards look better like the previous game bot like some cartoon in this new one.If any new guy was shown images of the roster from the new game and the previous game he would probably say that the roster belonging to injustice 1 is better and secondly cut out the shards thing and chests and just allow card packs and cards in the game and if you're gonna do it or not gonna do it then add some chest(card packs) which guarantees a gold or sliver character like the previous game.You donot know how annoying it is to lose 150 or 250 diamonds to get a silver character.M oreover these type of chests(cardpacks)should be available for purchases with both coins and gems.At last i don't know if you're gonna listen to what i sad or not but believe me you are thinking that it is injustice 2 and we have to make it better but it is not working the layout(the mode selecting screen) looks a cheap ripoff of marvel Contest of Champion's layout furthermore the injustice 2 has more cartoonistic looks of almost everything including credits,energy(animation of energy getting depleted), power bar,character card images as compared to the previous injutice 1 which was more realistic in every single way except the fighting way.S o my advice to you is you're DC and you make injustice 2 so much cooler than Marvel's Contest Of Champions so please stop trying to copy there no good game and use your own models and other things from injustice 1and make the injustice 2 more realistic,better and brighter(that is for the main screen which is very dark make it more like injustice 1 with cool wallpapers appearing at the back ) and if this happens injustice 2 will be the best fighting game available for android and iphone so please one time listen to your fans.If you get this message and think about changing anything please notify me .Thanks

Posted by Jerry yap 2017-06-28

Force closes often and is highly glitchy

Posted by samar musthafa 2017-06-28

Well ... Im stuck at chapter 1 act 1... Cant even access "not like this".. Thats why the 3 star.... The game couldve been bug free..

Posted by jonathan velasco 2017-06-28

Arena daily rewards is not accurate. Also that you get de-ranked for unknown reason. Gem chance percentage, gear and hero shards rate in operation mode quite not accurate as well. Hoping that some of the bugs also get fixed. Still this one is better than the earlier version, cant wait for the new updates.

Posted by Geo Stelar 2017-06-28

This morning I made a purchase of special hero chest with 250 gems, but the game said purchase failed and somehow still take 250 gems. Please help me check this case. Thank you

Posted by Dan DeKoning 2017-06-28

I like this game except for arena mode. The way my competition is selected I win maybe 1 out of 20 matches. Extremely frustrating. Please fix to make it more fair and you'd get 5 stars from me.

Posted by Adi G 2017-06-28

Lots of bugs

Posted by Anthony Ajodha 2017-06-28

I love the game but I have some frame rate issues when in battle ,the game would get really choppy would rate it higher if it weren't for that issue. Running this on a Galaxy S7 (Exynos version)

Posted by Ilman Hussain 2017-06-28


Posted by Glendaly Pagan 2017-06-28

There is a problem when i try to upgrade the gear cards it freezes the game can it be fixed???

Posted by kevin smith 2017-06-28

This game crashes constantly.... or rather freezes and i have to force close. Then for the past month every time it opens i am forced to watch the trailer for wonder woman... i paid my money i saw the movie.. but now i have seen the trailer 200 times gets real old... the constant freezing is getting super annoying as well.. i love the game other than that though... bring on the next chapter of story mode already!!!

Posted by Nirav Shah 2017-06-28

The game needs lot of finishing.. sometimes it just exits after a battle.. sometimes it won't let me go past daily rewards screen.. Getting characters is very difficult this time through, you need the gems which are rare or you need to keep grinding on battles at heroic level.. I am ok with battling at heroic level and grinding shards, but you only get 3 chances a day for a particular character and shards are not even guaranteed!! Sometimes you won't even get a single shard in all 3 battles, that's waste of energy and time.. I wouldn't risk it unless I really really wanna level up a card.. also this game has overall single energy meter, so no point leveling up all the cards, we just stick to best 3 or 6 and level only them up.. I liked Injustice 1 where we had daily gold pack at reduced rate, plus you could buy a particular character directly with gold.. but even after all that, the game is simply amazing.. moves and gameplay are a 10/10..

Posted by BRABRY Tester 2017-06-28

Its an awesome game. The graphics are great but the game does crash a few times

Posted by Spartan 360 2017-06-28

The game takes forever to load

Posted by Ricky Johnson 2017-06-28

Great gameplay... Great graphics.... But few glitches here and there like a glitch in which my character blocks even if I don't press the button leads to defeat​.... Don't know why but only got 1 gold character in 15 heroes....primerum chest is a waste of dimonds

Posted by Anurag Payal 2017-06-28

A lot of improvement is needed as it lags sometimes during super moves, clearly not optimized properly for android.

Posted by Mehedi Hasan 2017-06-27

worst game.

Posted by Austine Odeyowvi 2017-06-27

I love justice league. But it uses data to access gameplay.

Posted by Aakash Varma 2017-06-27

There are 3 issues I have with the game. 1- controls should have an option to be flipped for left handed users. 2. Story mode update is taking too long. 3. Please stop promoting wonder woman everytime someone starts the game.

Posted by Tyrone AlwaysReal 2017-06-27

The game is good but when fighting it seems like it's freezes pls fix

Posted by john fisher 2017-06-27

Don't understand the bad reviews.. difficult but great game...don't use a low quality phone and complain about lagging. Ok to be fair there is kind of a lag lol

Posted by Hammish Sammish 2017-06-27

Game is ok great looking bad controls

Posted by Ishan shrestha 2017-06-27

It's nice kombact game but in my android its hang hang and hang Slow

Posted by Jerry Lafollette 2017-06-27

Good start but little difficult to build up without paying

Posted by Robin Brown 2017-06-27

Keeps kicking me off !!!! .pisses me off.

Posted by Shahzaib Nomani 2017-06-27

I opened a premium pack which costs 250 gems and got a silver batman which every user gets in the beginning as a standard character. While others have recieved ultimate players.

Posted by James De Jesus 2017-06-27

Low frame rates making the increase in graphics useless... Still need network connectivity, make it like the first injustice mobile, that even if online you get to play.... Speaking of the first game, better reward players who played the first game and now playing this, just saying....

Posted by 2017-06-27

It takes to fing long

Posted by NamlessDoll 2017-06-27

I liked it but I thought it was going to be like Injustice gods among us

Posted by Krzysztof Siwiński 2017-06-27

Great game but with the same flaw as MK mobile has. No real live multiplayer - it's a shame nowadays. Multiplayer where you are battling AI is just lame... Also AI is pretty bad - I can defeat any team that the game throws at me even if it is my 50k vs over 100k. AI just takes hits and die. I do not understand complaints that the game is too hard??? Other than that it is a real good game with lots of contents and good controls. Funny enough with a bit worst graphics than 2 years old MK mobile

Posted by kolby nico johnson 2017-06-27

Chapter 2 has been locked since I got the app

Posted by Lu Cunha 2017-06-27

Good potential, but the fact that the challenges on the arena and the other ones that are not the regular mission are setup to not be won, because they always match you with stronger opponents, no matter how much you evolve your heroes, make it a one level game.

Posted by lazybeast G 2017-06-27

Okay for mobile game. Buy the real game

Posted by Lalit Arora 2017-06-27

Sluggish, hangs a lot specially when upgrading gears.

Posted by Dazzler Deepak 2017-06-27

The game is good but it's too laggy glitchy in my device I used to play injustice modern combat even San adreas at higher speed please fix the lags and give a useful worthable update to the game it will rule out playstore after it please fix the slow lagging issues

How to download and install Injustice 2 on Android/PC

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), fans continue to be so excited with its sequel “Injustice 2”. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.The game was released in May 2017, however just for PS4 and Xbox one, which made many fans of it and gamers can’t get access to this fascinating game. Fortunately, thanks to the release of a companion mobile app, gamers can experience it with IOS and Android devices. If you are a Marvel ’s fan, don’t skip this game. Role- play your favourite DC super-heroes and enjoy the battle. But what if you don’t have those kinds of device or your device is not suitable with the requirement of this game and you still want to play it? Then, don’t worry, you can download Injustice 2 apk to overcome these problems.

Why you should have Injustice 2 installed:

-Plot : With the thrilling plot, players are easily attracted to the world of Injustice 2. Here, you, yourself are heroes, along with your collaborators, find the way to defeat all the enemies and put the Earth at peace. There are two endings which bring more interesting and surprising moments for all players. Especially, for Marvel’s fans, this is where you can show your knowledge about DC heroes and satisfy the desire of being your own favourite heroes and fighting.
-Characters: there are 28 playable characters, consisting of both new and returning heroes and villains in the base roster for Injustice 2. Moreover, the game will also feature 10 additional characters available as downloadable content (DLC), so the characters system is very diverse, which promises to bring continually changing experience for players.
-Combat: In Injustice 2, you get a wider array of attacks by tapping the screen, swiping sideways down or up. The most interesting thing in controlling your character in combat is, the finishing moves or special moves have also been tweaked. Gone are the unblockable special moves and its corresponding animations. Here, the finishers or special moves are neatly integrated in the fight, making it more realistic and blockable.
-Graphics: You can’t ask more from Injustice 2 because it can satisfy all your expectation for graphics. This is all a really good base by which fighting games can be broadly appealing and still impress in the modern era of gaming. The movement of character in the battle is also very smoothy. Injustice 2 can bring you best experience while playing.
- Injustice 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favourite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super- hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.
If the mobile version is too heavy for your device, or your phones don’t use IOS or Android operating system, you can download Injustice 2 on your PC and copy to your phone or experience it on your own PC.

Download Injustice 2 apk for free the latest version:

You can download Injustice 2 apk absolutely free for the latest version here and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I will show you the way to download Injustice 2 file apk. Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using Android Emulators:

1. Install Android emulator on your PC ( If you have already installed Android emulator, you can skip this step and start to download Injustice 2 game apk).
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for PC here and save to your PC.
3. Open Android emulator on your PC.
4. Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
5. Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
6. Injustice 2 app installed on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy this game.

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using ARC Welder Extension

1. Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for pc free here and save to your pc
3. Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
4. Add apk file downloaded (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
5. Now Injustice 2 is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy this game.
You see? Download Injustice 2 Apk is pretty easy!
(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download Injustice 2 apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

Injustice 2 on Google Play

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