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Posted by Ajinkya Kupte 2017-07-06

It's getting error code 570 .. Game has hung

Posted by Libor Mičko 2017-07-06

It is not possible to log in with google play account and it is not possible to enter passcode to connect mobile app with injustice 2 on console (so Grid cyborg skin is impossible to get). The keyboard just does not react and closes. I tried pressing it with bluetooth mouse and change keyboard layout, but it didn't help. Maybe bluetooth keyboard would do the trick, but that is beside the point. Please fix your game and I will change the review.

Posted by Yasir Mirza 2017-07-06

Why play online. I don't understand. Please made free play games like model Combat x and injustice

Posted by Jared Newkirk 2017-07-06

Controls are unresponsive you controls bug out. You can't attack can't block just sit there and twerk your hands. Then you lose when you were winning. New event is bugged I was winning twice then couldn't block couldn't attack. Load times . . . Crazy...slow. nice concept reason for two and not a single star. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Posted by Emmanuel Moreno 2017-07-06

Disappointed of this game, I'm a great fan of injustice but this game is low in graphics, with poor slow response controls, a successor it's supposed to be better but I don't see any reason to play this instead of injustice

Posted by Kameron Tucker 2017-07-06

I would Five Star but...the screen keeps flashing

Posted by Monty Ransom 2017-07-06

It won't let me move on in story mode.

Posted by Michael Neal 2017-07-06

You collect jewels for chest and get shards instead of characters. That's okay I guess, but you get 5-10 shards when it takes 80+ to actually unlike the character. This added with the fact that your character just stops moving in the middle of a fight makes this game sort of disappointing.

Posted by don't view my profile pic 2017-07-05

For the first time i run the game, it's stuck on the first screen... And after some time,it says "injustice 2 isn't responding"

Posted by Shubham Bose 2017-07-05

The startup screen shows for a while and the game exits

Posted by Nayan Lokhande 2017-07-05

All is great in this game...but there is an big second chapter is not unlocking...however I completed my 1st do something..

Posted by Ajmal Nayeem 2017-07-05

Hangs,doesn't start takes loves of time to load too slow. The game is good

Posted by Derek Delatorre 2017-07-05

This game is laggy and it closes and glitches all the time

Posted by shafil shafil 2017-07-05

Injustice 1 graphics and controls are better than Injustice 2.

Posted by Chirasak Sangkhatam 2017-07-05

Too SLOWWWWWLYYYYYYYY and Delayyyyyyyyy response. And the control is not right, I swiped left hero went right...wat the....could I offered to use the button, it easy to control. Others is great

Posted by Febin Philip 2017-07-05

The game runs terribly on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I know it can't be a phone problem because it's running on decent processor. This feels like some poorly done port from iOS. Game works like a charm on my iPad mini.

Posted by Roberto Soto-Rosario 2017-07-05

I can't link to my console game. Whenever I hit link to mobile on the console it asks for the code from mobile, when I hit link to console on this, it asks for a code from the console. NO code is being given to me.

Posted by caleb marquez 2017-07-04

Games fun just like the 1st one, but it's still got kinks it needs worked out. I've been having a problem playing online and it kicking me out while loading a fight and losing the energy I used to initiate the match. Please fix for more enjoyable gameplay.

Posted by Kenny Stewart 2017-07-04

If,you fix the problems...the game ratings would be OUTSTANDING. I'm very Disappointed L haven't been able to open the app.for the past 3 Days !!!! Note: The app. Plays the Movie Trailer But, WILL NOT OPEN THE GAME !!! Thanks Kenny

Posted by ABHILASH GUJAR 2017-07-04

The game crashes right on startup. I have a Lenovo A3300 tab

Posted by KylePlays 123 2017-07-04

I didn't really like it. I think that injustice 1 is much more addictive and fun to play.

Posted by Kashif Soopy 2017-07-04

Far too many glitches. Characters freeze and can't be used. Any pulls from the gem chest is total garbage as they won't reward unless you pay. Which I guess makes sense. But then advertise it that way. Don't say good pulls are possible.

Posted by Ranaldi Agata 2017-07-04

Force close

Posted by Kenneth Zawadzki 2017-07-04

The game keeps freezing at certain parts and its not my wifi or phone. Please fix and it would be a great game.

Posted by 2017-07-04

very bad game not for start

Posted by Jay patel 2017-07-04

A network error has occurred error code:570

Posted by Phil Jones 2017-07-04

Changed phones recently and gave this another go. It's quite clever and entertaining. Would be great if matchmaking actually worked.

Posted by Rick Kreuziger 2017-07-04

Boring game woth terrible controls

Posted by Bram Wijaya 2017-07-04

Terrible control, dont like it the way challenge and heroes collection.. arena doesnt earn heroes experience?? Not good...

Posted by Rimzem Thunkar 2017-07-04

Compared to the original Injustice, this game is sub-par. Graphics are cartoonish and less detailed. No offline mode, so can't play unless you burn through data or are near wifi. Gameplay/controls are sluggish. Gem and character tokens are a joke. It is designed to be a Pay to Play game. Unless you are lucky with the chest or pay a bunch of money, it will take years to even get a good roster of decent characters. Everything is centered around Gems, but there aren't enough ways to get gems. They took a really good game and f***ed it up by modeling it after the Marvels Champions game.

Posted by Anshaj Arora 2017-07-04

Guys please Make it fast toward the release of the 2nd chapter i love the story mode i dont think it should take that much long for an update

Posted by james howett 2017-07-04

It eats too much ram

Posted by Chaitya Shah 2017-07-04

After I press button to upgrade gadgets, screen froze. So I have to restart the game. Plz solve this issue

Posted by Khaled Taha 2017-07-03

A successful mobile title like Injustice, who many games try to copy, should not resort to cheap free to play tactics plaguing the very same games that copied Injustice! Too many premium currencies, overly bloated with useless features, multiple gameplay issues and performance woes. The new sound and character designs are great, but that's the only thing great about this. Uninstalled and went back to Injustice GAU...

Posted by Ronit Oommen 2017-07-03

Guys i think its time you start reading the user feedbacks. The game is inaccessible after 12 midnight for around an hour and the daily bonus collection is made mandatory for going to the main screen. The arena match making is seriously messed up. The player sometime gets stuck at one place and just keep kicking in open space while the opponents kick our *** during that time. Hope someone fires your dev and get someone better suited for the job

Posted by Vernon Suttle 2017-07-03

Reminds me of Mortal Combat, look, feel. Injustice 1 had a uniqueness to it, no other game played or felt like it. But again its still early. 7/3 update, having played and I still say version 1 far better. Game play is stiff and no attachment to DC in my opinion.

Posted by Akbar Sayyed 2017-07-03

Getting a gold characters is very very hard have only one gold character playing this game since its released bit disappointed but love the game

Posted by satyam soni 2017-07-03

Its hanging a lot very poor performance

Posted by Jadan Brooks 2017-07-02

Hasn't updated since May

Posted by Steve Johnson 2017-07-02

The controls are horrible. Half the time my character doesn't respond to what I want them to do, other times I get stuck in block mode the entire fight where the only thing I can do is block no matter what I press.

Posted by Mike Clark 2017-07-02

Good graphics....and that's it. Fighting is just awful. Pay to win, slow, tedious.

Posted by RepTheFam 2017-07-02

I don't like how it doesn't tell you how long until the challenges daily victories reset. The gear equipping is wonky at best, same with team edit. I'd like it more if your energy was effected by how many characters you have and your lvl. Arenas ok minus the fact you can only use each character five times every what 10hrs. That's dumb to me. Why not add character recharges that aren't affected by how much money you blow on the game. I like the gear sets though and how the change the characters appearance and maybe add same alternative gear sets for some hero's and villains and not by getting a different character. And add some new daily objectives and the rest of the darn story oh and since I'm on the story every time I finish a chapter's fight my screen just goes black try to fix that. Thanks and the first injustice is still better maybe if the devs built on top of that it would be getti g five stars all-around.

Posted by Michael Adamo 2017-07-02

The characters need to be more realistic like the First injustice

Posted by joshua akotia 2017-07-02

When i play and it get to someplace it stop and i reenter the game again and it takes to long to load

Posted by Alberto Sanchez-Munoz 2017-07-02

It wont open, it keeps stopping

Posted by oblivion josh 2017-07-02

The stories and the graphics are really good but the systems and controls are very sluggish.

Posted by 2017-07-02

Theres no story its basicly like the 1st one but updated!!

Posted by Giri Gold 2017-07-02


Posted by Sobhi Sohrab 2017-07-02

Day by day loosing interest in this game because I am lvl 31+ but I still owns only one gold character however I have opened chunk of basic as well as premium chest... It really sucks you fools

Posted by manvir dangar 2017-07-01

The game is pretty good but the combat controls are not very smooth. Characters in the roster are not visible properly and the game runs pretty slowly

Posted by Enrique Diaz 2017-07-01

Too much lag!

Posted by Shaun Croft 2017-07-01

Downloaded it to link to ps4 game. When using the link interface both mobile and console versions display a keyboard only and give me know passcode to link the two copys

Posted by alenn mosses 2017-07-01

Why am i being askef to.update the same update twice?!?!?!game is a bit laggy and doesnt respond and requires restart of uninstalling for a while,will be back when you add redhood.

Posted by Waqas Ansari 2017-07-01

I would say overall the injustice 2 is a good game with graphic everything but the only issue is its a money base game u can't proceed forward without purchasing gems and shards to achieve silver and gold players

Posted by Bryan Morales 2017-06-30

Not working why please warner bros fix it

Posted by E Frost 2017-06-30

Good Graphics but way too grindy for my taste. Its a cash grab type of game. Very repetitive gameplay. Got tired of it within a few days

Posted by William Bester 2017-06-30

Getting better guys. Still need to work on the loading time thou.

Posted by Patrick Maxwell 2017-06-30

Lag on loading force closed on Samsung galaxy s7!.

Posted by Sayed Hasan Alalawi 2017-06-30

Injustice one graphics are way better than this.. This is big disappointment

Posted by Sumitra Moryani 2017-06-30

I complete the chapter but not unlock the nest chapter

Posted by Brian Choi 2017-06-29

Awkward controls and special move animation is too long and annoying. Quit after a month. Boring gameplay with same fight mechanics for all characters. Very limited "REAL" roster. Only about 6 real characters and rest are just slight graphic change with same animations and moves.

Posted by Mohamad Radzman 2017-06-29

Loading slow... Hang... Pick prize hang... U hand will hurt play this game

Posted by Kenny Lisanputera 2017-06-29

The apps sometimes forced stop. When you enter the game for the first time and start the fight, for several movements its laggy. Last but not least, when you use the second power of wonder woman, she will always in block position. You must pause and continue again to get rid the block position.

Posted by Tiki Kautsar 2017-06-29

I have concern about this game: 1. Energy refill takes to long 2. Why in arena we don't get any experience like in injustice 1? 3. Too many energy that need for one match in basic or heroic match 4. Why in arena we can't choose 3 opponents at once 5. Loading is take to long for arena or campaign battle

Posted by Adam Stroud-Martin 2017-06-29

Don't bother. You can pay to acquire heroes, pay to raise level, pay to refresh pvp, and pay for gear. There is one player that dominates pvp, spending 100s per day. P2W and ultimately boring gameplay with no longevity.

Posted by Yash Chawla 2017-06-29

The game uses a lot of battery, the Arena loading time is very irritating. It takes 45 seconds to load for a match and 20 seconds to get back to Arena. Android graphics are inferior to iOS graphics. Stop bias and promote equality please.

Posted by John Jessee 2017-06-29

Just like the last Injustice, it's a well done game. The down side is the gem system that tries to get you spend as much money as you can on the game. The difference is that now they won't guarantee a good return of value which makes it a flashy, kid friendly gambling machine. I wouldn't recommend it with the current money stealing scheme. Change that and it's at least worth some of your time.

Posted by Tommy Kurniawan 2017-06-29

Great graphic, control & story. Frustrating with long loading. Please improve audio volume & fix network issue.

Posted by Ashutosh Kumar 2017-06-29

Lots n lots of bugs..

Posted by saipratk kadam 2017-06-29

This game is very laggy I love DC comics and games but this game is not something I can keep in my smartphone as this game is not that good ...Huge disappointment

Posted by Ohinur Chowdhury Adree 2017-06-29

The game was fine but after the last update the characters graphics look to bad!!!!

Posted by yash acharya 2017-06-29

Downloaded it but couldn't play it


Should have to improve the controls

Posted by Emilio Barajas 2017-06-28

I gave it a bad review because it is an incomplete cash grab. let me know when there is more content and characters

Posted by 2017-06-28

Every time i play story mode my screen goes blank

Posted by Hima Durra 2017-06-28

Why the challenges not like injustice 1 like when I win the hero's challenge I get the hero in my list not I play and play and play more and at the least I get little cards of hero. ... really I hate that point very much .

Posted by Randy Lukmana 2017-06-28

The game freeze when upgrading gear.

Posted by Element Master 2017-06-28

Xbox version is soooooo so much better

Posted by Eduardo Diaz 2017-06-28

The game frezees when upgrading armor, power heroes don't stop blocking sometimes and it loads very slowly, it is wasted a lot of time in loading, the game need a lot of fixes

Posted by Mark Ronnell Bilbao 2017-06-28

Changing my review and comments. Just logging into the game UI feels heavy to the data and phone. Started using a phone with 2gb ram and then switched to 3gb ram phone. Still feels heavy. Our Internet data is fast enough to download this game but slow to load getting in the game and switching into the games different UI's. I thought this was it. =(

Posted by gaorang panchal 2017-06-28

I had watched the movie now plz stop showing the trailor. It's frustrating.

Posted by Robert Wolfe 2017-06-28

Looked like a great game, but unresponsive controls killed it. Dash forward, but wouldn't register follow-up attacks leaving me standing still until opponent attacked. Loved the original, but this one came up short.

Posted by Vicky Thounaojam 2017-06-28

I don't want to play this game because it consumes too much of my time. Last one was better in certain sense. But this one too has a lot of things to do, right from the Arena to Resource mission, story mode, operation etc... But I don't play to play this game because it requires internet connection. You can't play even the campaign mode without internet connection. What is this nonsense? I simply would have​ loved to play this game a lot if you only allow us to play at least Campaign mode without an internet connection.

Posted by Donald matchett 2017-06-28

Game is far too complicated to complete tasks, get other characters and get other gear for existing character. Sure it adds some complex features but after really enjoying and building up my stuff in part 1 I really felt let down by part 2. It's like they are trying so hard to be similar Marvel World of Champions. Hero shards really...

Offline ?Posted by Marcel Vino 2017-06-28

This game offline or now I'm Indonesia man

Posted by Josh Ryan 2017-06-28

When you fight someone online or in normal mode it should be an even match but it's not the opponent is a lot higher skill ranking, it takes way to long to build up a character, you can't buy characters that you want you're given them at random after winning dumb shards of a character

Posted by Ryan Chan 2017-06-28

At first, it started with a story. When the story was over, it stuck at a screen, I guess it is a view of space station. I cannot do anything and it has no response. I've tried a few times. I believe this game would be awesome but I just can't have a great experience of this game. Could someone in charge of the game respond to this issue?

Posted by Mohammed Zatari 2017-06-28

So laggy and slow even on a Galaxy S7. The first Injustice is way better in all terms especially the fighting.

Posted by Mark Pham 2017-06-28

Posted by Rafael Agustin 2017-06-28

It doesn't work on my tablet

Posted by Odeyemi Babajide 2017-06-27

Sluggish controls and gameplay

Posted by Mitchell Hodder Hodder 2017-06-27

Claiming things crashes the game and it has been on my phone and tablet

Posted by Clae Moodley 2017-06-27

Having a problem eith the adventure mode. I jsut downloaded the game and it is alot to download. So please fix it

Posted by karina kielmann 2017-06-27

It doesn't let me into the ,just says initialising and then exits the app . I have checked my wifi and restarted burning still doesn't work ,please get back to me as it is very annoying

Posted by Kartik Bagade 2017-06-27

Almost 1 gb, but needs an internet connection to run ? Wow. The graphics are decent but the control system is just complicated. Too many issues with my profile. Won't let me log in using Google Play.

Posted by Brian Frain 2017-06-27

The game has some interesting things to do but the fighting (the main part of the fighting game) is so boring and lackluster it ruins the experience. It's no more than a few taps on the screen then you have to pause while your character rests I guess you'd call it. Once in a while you get to use a move but those get old quick. The bugs and issues seem to be put aside while they add new characters. Some costing as much as $100 or more! Just a complete money grab. This will do OK based solely on the characters and people's need to grab them all rather than the game holding up on its own merit.

Posted by Hell Kureel 2017-06-27

I cannot change my name. It does not take alphabets

Posted by Shroneet Dhuri 2017-06-27

The best fighting game ive played.. it has outclassed its predecessor by a wide margin. But still needs lots of improvement..! Currently the most frustrating part is where it crashes right in middle of arena or in the loading screen... It simply forfeits the match and i loose my energy and points.. please fix this issue. We cant pause the game and multitask a bit either.. the ram is fully used up by this game and if we switch apps it crashes on reuse.! Many other minor bugs.. improve them i improve the star rating

Posted by A-yia Los Angeles 2017-06-26

This game is decent but the slow load times and constant hiccups like being unable to attack ruins the experience. Warner Bros need to get their act together and fix the problems. Characters freezing up on your side causing you to lose key battles is really annoying.

Posted by Charles Toefield 2017-06-26

What happened to the graphics? Injustice for mobile looked so much better. It's like you don't care

Posted by CJ Klemonski 2017-06-26

Huge disappointment. The original was so good, and this doesn't measure up. Too complicated. The simpler controls of the original are way better. The shard system for upgrading characters is stupid. Not the same excitement of pulling a good character in a pack. I wish they just added new characters to the old game. I still play that daily, but I've given this since launch day to change my mind and it just doesn't motivate me to care. I can't get into it. Too many forms of in game currency. The old one had the regular credits and recharges. Then mortal kombat coins and souls, then blood rubies, and this continued the downward trend adding sim cards, xps, coins, gems, can't even think of them all. I'm pretty close to giving up and uninstalling

Posted by Prabhat Kumar 2017-06-26

It crashes all the time Not good enough

Posted by Commandergoogle 2017-06-26

Crashes constantly

Posted by Tez Taylor 2017-06-26

I changed my review mainly for the reason that I've spent money on this game to get better characters I believe it's 1500 gems to use the chest 10 times I've done that twice and used the chest plenty of times and have not received a three star character I'm disappointed because how good injustice 1 is and u can play offline the game had alot of potential but I feel like I'm wasting time and money

Posted by Pantha Goon 2017-06-26

The optimisation for this game is very bad. I own a Samsung Galaxy S8, arguably the best of android and the game still performs sluggish. It just looks to me like a bad ios port. The review will change if the issue keeps getting better but even with a more powerful GPU than what the iPhone 7 does it still performs badly. Please optimise it better.

Posted by chris paul 2017-06-26

takes for ever to downlowd

Posted by dishant doshi 2017-06-25

Again a new problem network error 570. Having 100mbps strong connection still facing this problem while claiming daily rewards. And without that game is not starting.

Posted by Ben Holden 2017-06-25

When you get a duplicated hero to only get 10 shards or so is stupid should at least give you a free spin or add a star to existing hero

Posted by Aseem Roy 2017-06-25

Controlls are buggy in campaign mode . No matter what u do the charecter just uses blocks

Posted by Shawayne Francis 2017-06-25

Network error always pop up.. or it just loads and loads and loads then it jus closes.. and why the hill can't the game play without internet

Posted by Sourav Maiti 2017-06-25

Good gameplay but lots of cons. Hero chest is absolutely bogus. No way to get various characters. Arena battle is absurd kind of tough. And too many bugs.

Posted by Lester Botello 2017-06-25

The plus: Great graphics, many innovations from the first installment. The cons: Extremely buggy and sluggish, swipes and touches often won't register or register themselves wrong (for example, you swipe to attack and the character tries to block instead). AI is very challenging, especially on multiplayer matches, so every time controls fail, it exploits this and crushes you. I really like the game, but we have to wait awhile to see if it improves to the point it has a chance to equal its excellent predecessor.

Posted by Colombian mafia 2017-06-25

Its definitely better than the first however the cut scenes in campaign mode doesn't show. I'm left watching a black screen and listening to the dialog until it forces me back to my home screen and i have to log back in

Posted by Shouz Fliky 2017-06-25

Was looking forward for Injustice 2 to be available on smart phone... But having to be online to play is kinda a downfall since the first one can be played both online and offline...

Posted by Ulan Kaz 2017-06-25


Posted by Youssef Elsayed 2017-06-25

You should fix the chest it alwasy gives 10 shards for bronze or silver should make bronze chest and silver chest and gold chest like injustice 1

Posted by Mayank Joshi 2017-06-25

It is not starting in my mobile Lenovo K5 plus please give me a. Response

Posted by Sad Muaz 2017-06-25

What else ask for a mobile game! Awsome game

Posted by 2017-06-24

Super cute little game

Posted by Matt Matt 2017-06-24

Force closes so much that I am becoming reluctant to even try playing. This occurs in about 1 in every 5 arena matches... pretty wild. I have a Samsung S7 Edge

Posted by diego santiago 2017-06-24

The game broke my legendary class batman when I used 90 xp capsules

Posted by Saksham Verma 2017-06-24

Controls not working properly

Posted by Abhijeet Bhojne 2017-06-24

The game sometimes crashes and hangs .there are lots of bugs in arena it take so much time just to load Please fix this

Posted by Efrath Mulya 2017-06-24

Nice​ graphic, cool control. But i hate because it's need a connection to play. Not like injustice before

Posted by Andrew Green 2017-06-24

Did like it as much as the first one

Posted by Mohammad Aamir 2017-06-24

Story mode is not unlocking, i have played the first chapter several times, neither i am getting the acheivements.

Posted by Reda Al Haj Younes 2017-06-24

2 stars for the countless times the app crashed and wasted the energy that u gotta refill by paying 20-50 gems. Fix your game devs.

Posted by Manish Lakra 2017-06-24

Slow loading on my Asus ZenFone Selfie after all it's the best action games I have ever played

Posted by zero amir 2017-06-24

sudden shut down problem while playing on oneplus 3

Posted by Steve chua 2017-06-23

cant continue to chapter 2. it keeps on saying failed to connect nrtwork. but I get to play online???

Posted by Scott Smitheram 2017-06-23

Good game but dont buy anything with real money for any reasons i bought 1000 gems and spent it on the premium packs and didnt get a single gold let alone the one they say has a boosted chance of being found

Posted by Greg Biggs 2017-06-23

It's just too flashy and missing what makes a game good simple control & grasp of gameplay with gradually challenging and engaging goals. Plus missed what makes comic book games fun: detail on content and interaction with the awesomeness of a make believe super powered fun! No one wants to stress about collecting dumb shards that have zilch to do with DC and plus fighting the main bad guy on your first match so he is the easiest and lamest fight in the game? Way to underwhelm the whole waste of time the story of the game and ruin the hard work and awe that the intro is supposed to motivate and set the stage for. I don't get it, it's like a great game was made in pieces by ten different groups not allowed to talk and just threw the pieces together hoping people are sheep enough that the profit goal was achieved and that's good enough. I feel so let down. I really really was happy seeing this was coming. It's the only game I had ever played on a dang phone. The thrill is gone...

Posted by Toby Corbin 2017-06-23

every time i attack it lets me hit them oncw or twice then just stops like im not touching the screen fix n ill fix my ratting but this is bs i cnt even enjoy the game

Posted by Adrian Cox 2017-06-23

Game stuck on profile download. So not working.

Posted by Cole Chapman 2017-06-23

A very slow game and to many bugs baaaaad

Posted by Alejandra Arias 2017-06-23

Love this game but during a fight I can be constantly tapping and swiping but all the player does is block making him look like he's dancing. Although funny, it's making me lose many fights.

Posted by JAATZ GAMING 2017-06-23

After the recent update its just crashing after wonder woman trailer please fix

Posted by mythstone gaming 2017-06-23

I just downloaded the game but through the loading screen and initializing game screen it was fully blacked out and when it got to the initializing screen when something finally showed up the game shut down

Posted by Corinne Videc 2017-06-23

Game Error

Posted by Craig Dejesus 2017-06-23

Not a mkx mobile but pretty fun. Some times it seems complicated. The mobile game don't give enough good free stuff. Everything you need to pay for. Some is better than none. Overall it keeps me playing. How long I don't know. 2nd review of the game. This has got to stop being a cash grab. I've spent $100 and only got 3 gold cards. Better off with console game. One is a 5 star and gets no compensation after max. These games are expensive you could do a lot better on gold cards. Same as mkx a cash cow. You want to play but in the end feel cheated after spending ova 4000 gems to get 3 gold cards and 10 shards for some cards. Free download, nothing is FREE. DISAPPOINTED. Don't yall make enough money. I feel robbed sometimes it just takes the excitement out of a fun game.

Posted by Ratty Shaqkboii 2017-06-23

Why does my characters glitch up and freeze in mid-gameplay while in the arena

Posted by Brandon Baez 2017-06-22

Needs improvement

Posted by 2017-06-22

I have an oppo f1 model. And I have tried downloading this game many times but after installation, when I open it the game crashes after the loading page. My phone configuration: Processor- 1.2 Ghz octa-core Ram- 3gb (usable 1.75) OS- Android 5.1 Please fix this issue and let me know why it isnt running on my phone. Thank you

Posted by Carlo Bensurto 2017-06-22

Injustice 1 has better graphics and can be played offline. Injustice 2 has thw upperhand only cause of its controls. Can move forward jump or backwards.

Posted by Lisa Peacock 2017-06-22

I have dropped my rating due to the fact that I just spent $150 and got two Gold characters two ridiculous amounts of money I know that may not be enough to someone like warner Bros but to me it's a pretty healthy sum not only that the challenges you make impossible to win after you win one or two by the time you get to the third stage you're just massacred their level 42 and for the most part I don't haveenough money or time to get to that level so it's basically impossible to do it's glitchy I'm losing stamina because when the game cuts out guess what I have to open it and go back in and my stamina is gone considering the amount of money it takes to play this game at the very least if it's going to crash you shouldn't have to lose anything at all when this gets fixed I will up my rating to 5

Posted by Joshua Boncodin 2017-06-22

Why can't I get any gold characters? I already bought about seven or more premium hero chests (250 gems each), and I only got a gold character once. Does the developer hate me that much?

Posted by Van Vanatosis 2017-06-22

Choppy graphic and horrible game play. Only saving grace is the storyline.

Posted by Luke Emerson 2017-06-22

It still needs some work

Posted by Unknown Error 2017-06-22

Please change in offline mode

Posted by John Doe 2017-06-22

Game is good but I am not able to play it. It says network error ERROR CODE 570 and everytime when I try to play it the game get stuck at daily login reward page insisting to claim the previous day reward. Somebody pls fix this issue ASAP

Posted by Macceo N 2017-06-22

Ok so i just spent days trying to get enough gems for a premium character. 250 GEMS DOWN THE DRAIN! Won catwoman 1 star...and doesnt even upgrade the one i have. So you make me play a game to earn rewards and dont give them??? Your app sucks!! What gives?!?! I spent 150 gems on a character chest and shows i won WONDER WOMAN. Not a shard. Did not recieve anything!! Should have been able to promote the wonder woman i already have. Second time this happend. Last time was with a different character. Gems are not easy to come by. Lots of work to get them. Totally cheated me. Injustice for real.

Posted by Kaden Green 2017-06-22

Needs less take up spase

Posted by Bo27saiz Saiz 2017-06-22

the loading is to slow, the computers are to hard and there's no settings to change the difficulty, and it takes to long to to build your character up

Posted by 2017-06-22

Plz put it offline

Posted by tresork 0227 2017-06-22

So I was so hype to hear that there was an update. I thought you guys would fix the lagging, crashing, bugs and give us new chapters for story mode. What did you do? It still crashes. My lighting is still terrible. I hate how it still takes 55 seconds for a fight to load. No graphics option but rather just power save mode. No leagues unlocked yet. This is insanity. Next update which better come in 2 weeks maximum shouldn't be a new one where you add characters but rather fix the lag, crash, graphics option and add new story mode chapters. Mortal Kombat Mobile was an anticipated release and it was absolutely amazing my anticipation for this game was even greater than for MKX but it was terrible. Was makes it terrible is the fact that Cheetah, Firestorm, Atrocitus, Blue Beetle, Black Adam, Captain Cold and the graphics for brainiac aren't there so how are we supposed to do story mode. Make it so that we can choose who our shards go too. For example 160 shards of a gold and we pick who we want so picking poison ivy, supergirl, Grodd, whoever we want on our power team. You rushed this game WarnerBros. Your better than this. Optimize it and give me a reason to re-install. You want cash from installs I want to beat the game. Win win situation. But I can't beat it if all it does is crash. Which is why I deleted it. If you want more money I suggest doing some of the things I'm telling you. Plus more fight locations. For example Atlantis, Kahndaq, etc.

Posted by aldin begovic 2017-06-22

It was good game until it started to ask for money!

Posted by Ayush Kumar 2017-06-22

It will take a lifetime to fully upgrade everyone's gear

Posted by Mike Montoya 2017-06-22

Glitches in fighting have made the game nearly unplayable.

Posted by Euclid AR 2017-06-21

The gameplay didn't open even once. The app forces it self to close before the gameplay even starts. Fix this.

Posted by 2017-06-21


Posted by Alan Rangel 2017-06-21

I cant even play it i missed the week where they gave catwoman

Posted by Karim El-Shawarby 2017-06-21

The game takes a lot of time to load... BTW I installed it on my Google Pixel phone

Posted by savage gaming 1080p 2017-06-21

Its pretty trash on android its slow low quality and graphics and slow transitions and loads pls fix

Posted by Saddam Hossain 2017-06-21

why network error on my victory point collection time?? Is it some kind of joke!! Or you just have not interested to give us points!!

Posted by Suyash Garg 2017-06-21

Lot of bugs. It shows network error everyday at 12 AM. Error 570. Premium chests provide one star character. It keeps blocking the attacks without pressing block button.

Posted by Gautam Kumar Mahato 2017-06-21

Bugs need to be fixed. It has login issue error 570

Posted by chiluveri rajesh 2017-06-21

Oo howley badkowlara the download profile is very slowly Aareoo aeddi gadddikodukullara your game is tooooooo Very slow loading

Posted by darkvapor playz 2017-06-21


Posted by Casey June 2017-06-21

Good game spoiled by horrid controls punctuated the absolute worst blocking ever I've encountered in a mobile fighter.

Posted by Joel Mahaffey 2017-06-21

Not as good/smooth as the first one. Felt like it had a dark haze over the graphics-not as clear. Requires Internet Connection

Posted by Juan Miramontes 2017-06-21

Game keeps freezing and its to slow graphics are ok liked the first one this one has to many bugs

Posted by Harikrishnan s 2017-06-21

The game is not properly optimise.

Posted by Joseph Sillo 2017-06-21


Posted by Random Playing 2017-06-21

I don't like it because u can't play offline

Posted by Hazard _Gaming36 2017-06-20

The game keeps crashing on my lg to where i cant even battle in the campaign

Posted by Vijil kotheri 2017-06-20

This game needs a lot of improvement. Though the game is awesome and addictive too, bugs and crashes won't let me play again. Please fix the crash and bugs. The gears when equipped doesn't show up in gameplay.

Posted by Goldenst8 u beezy! 2017-06-20

Total bs Bugs everywhere, slow loading times, poor controls, tons and tons of the game crashing. I want to love this game soo much but so much work needs to be done. The overall gameplay is weak. The controls are unresponsive. There are times when I block and when I try to attack my hero keeps blocking until I have to pause the game and that usually fixes it. But by that time I'm getting raped with a combo by the ai. Don't get me started on the arena. Right before I start a fight the game will crash and I lose stamina without even starting the match.

Posted by zain sony 2017-06-20

I cant play the game because it doesn't load passed the title and it does not play the trailer what does the is mean

Posted by Harry Velez 2017-06-20

Rediculous that you speed 250 gems to get 10 Batman shards are you kidding me. I won't put another penny in this crappy cash grab. WB you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Posted by Bill Kulundu 2017-06-20

The game cant even open

Posted by icetink 2017-06-20

Getting a gold card and promoting the gold cards to higher tiers is absolutely ridiculous, even after spending so much money.

Posted by brandon spataro 2017-06-20

Pretty lame gameplay, just boring and the leveling is poorly thought out.

Posted by bunny blaster 2017-06-20

The story mode is bugged and it's the only reason you'd play this.

Posted by codrin boboc 2017-06-20

Lag as hell. Game is just broken.

Posted by Rohan Joseph 2017-06-20

A whole lot of grinding for nothing. Weekend challenges give you 1 or 2 shards per victory, opening the premium chests gives the same thing a normal chest gives you. At least pay out more shards in the premium chest. Played for a couple of weeks but it seems like an endless grind with very little reward

Posted by Dyl_Tron Gaming 2017-06-20

If you want to spend all your time in loading screens then this is the game for you. The controls are whack, extremely sluggish and just not worth the wait through the atrocious loading times for controls that's don't work half the time. Hopefully there's a big update soon.

Posted by Yassin Nour 2017-06-20

It's a good game. But sometimes while I am a fight and I am almost going to win, the game freezes

Posted by Chris Topher 2017-06-19

Controls sucks big time

Posted by Terry Fanney 2017-06-19


Posted by Andrew Galvan 2017-06-19

Game freezes every time I upgrade my armor! Story mode is damn impossible! Too much of a p2w game for me!

Posted by Queso no bueno cheese no good 2017-06-19

Laggs alot please fix

Posted by Infinite Productions 2017-06-19

The game really isnt that good the graphics are are pretty bad and there are lags here and there. Mortal kombat x is way better Plus you need 150 gems just for one hero. The game is just a waste of storage.

Posted by AK 47 2017-06-19

The graphics where bad and the controls are way more clunky compared to the first injustice I honestly miss the upgrade system of the first injustice

Posted by Brendan Coady 2017-06-19

Wasted 250 gems on a premium hero chest and got a char 1/2 as good as one i already had (Batman), same with the 150 gem case kept getting cyborg (×2) and scarecrow (×2) absolutely pointless not to mention a waste of gems. Very underwhelming.

Posted by Orlando Ryan 2017-06-19

This game crashes alot and its very annoying!!!!... If it didn't crash so much i would rate it 5 stars.I can't even play one fight!!!PLEASE FIX

Posted by phoenixfire8805 2017-06-19

Needs fixing as it keeps crashing after your level goes above 10 and several patches to fix it and massive price drop on getting Heroes

Posted by Randi Hernandez 2017-06-19

It doesn't work as well as I thought it be. It has a slow start and doesn't respond to finger inputs well .so right now it's unplayable

Posted by zeyad elsokary 2017-06-19

Fix the bug When i open the game it brings me back to the home screen Please fix as soon as possible

Posted by Arhum Ishtiaq 2017-06-19

An abysmal of a mobile game, Injustice 2 adds better graphics at the expense of the WHOLE packaging of the game. Littered with bugs, slow performance and other hiccups. I suggest to try it out for like a day or two and then delete it. Barely worth it.

Posted by Vorence Shoshi 2017-06-19

All in all as a sequel it has some good ideas, they are just executed terribly. Extra attack types are nice but it's now just a lazy pattern of attacks. Block button is really stupid. There is a game-breaking glitch where you can no longer attack because tapping the screen/swiping in any direction will cause you to block. Graphics are downgraded, and most importantly the game is either incredibly easy or insanely impossible. Moreover this game has the MAJOR GAMING SIN OF SHARD COLLECTION! No game should ever have this feature. THE LACK OF THIS FEATURE MADE THE ORIGINAL GREAT OUTSIDE OF IT GAMEPLAY. All in all, this game fails because the people who made this game were more concerned about monetization, as opposed to gameplay, fun, and fixing GAME-BREAKING BUGS!

How to download and install Injustice 2 on Android/PC

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), fans continue to be so excited with its sequel “Injustice 2”. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.The game was released in May 2017, however just for PS4 and Xbox one, which made many fans of it and gamers can’t get access to this fascinating game. Fortunately, thanks to the release of a companion mobile app, gamers can experience it with IOS and Android devices. If you are a Marvel ’s fan, don’t skip this game. Role- play your favourite DC super-heroes and enjoy the battle. But what if you don’t have those kinds of device or your device is not suitable with the requirement of this game and you still want to play it? Then, don’t worry, you can download Injustice 2 apk to overcome these problems.

Why you should have Injustice 2 installed:

-Plot : With the thrilling plot, players are easily attracted to the world of Injustice 2. Here, you, yourself are heroes, along with your collaborators, find the way to defeat all the enemies and put the Earth at peace. There are two endings which bring more interesting and surprising moments for all players. Especially, for Marvel’s fans, this is where you can show your knowledge about DC heroes and satisfy the desire of being your own favourite heroes and fighting.
-Characters: there are 28 playable characters, consisting of both new and returning heroes and villains in the base roster for Injustice 2. Moreover, the game will also feature 10 additional characters available as downloadable content (DLC), so the characters system is very diverse, which promises to bring continually changing experience for players.
-Combat: In Injustice 2, you get a wider array of attacks by tapping the screen, swiping sideways down or up. The most interesting thing in controlling your character in combat is, the finishing moves or special moves have also been tweaked. Gone are the unblockable special moves and its corresponding animations. Here, the finishers or special moves are neatly integrated in the fight, making it more realistic and blockable.
-Graphics: You can’t ask more from Injustice 2 because it can satisfy all your expectation for graphics. This is all a really good base by which fighting games can be broadly appealing and still impress in the modern era of gaming. The movement of character in the battle is also very smoothy. Injustice 2 can bring you best experience while playing.
- Injustice 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favourite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super- hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.
If the mobile version is too heavy for your device, or your phones don’t use IOS or Android operating system, you can download Injustice 2 on your PC and copy to your phone or experience it on your own PC.

Download Injustice 2 apk for free the latest version:

You can download Injustice 2 apk absolutely free for the latest version here and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I will show you the way to download Injustice 2 file apk. Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using Android Emulators:

1. Install Android emulator on your PC ( If you have already installed Android emulator, you can skip this step and start to download Injustice 2 game apk).
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for PC here and save to your PC.
3. Open Android emulator on your PC.
4. Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
5. Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
6. Injustice 2 app installed on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy this game.

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using ARC Welder Extension

1. Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for pc free here and save to your pc
3. Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
4. Add apk file downloaded (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
5. Now Injustice 2 is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy this game.
You see? Download Injustice 2 Apk is pretty easy!
(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download Injustice 2 apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

Injustice 2 on Google Play

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