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Posted by Dean Hill 2017-07-30

This is one great game

Posted by Sniped Smile 2017-07-30

On my Samsung the graphics are very slow and very laggy. For example, when I do Batman's supermove it lags and then just continues into the game.

Posted by Elton Strother 2017-07-30


Posted by 2017-07-30

Hate it as soon as I go into it , it jumps out.

Posted by Ayan Sajid 2017-07-30

Damn good game try it

Posted by 2017-07-30

it was a good game and they did a great job with everything

Posted by Andre Wijaya 2017-07-30


Posted by Joseph Ogbonna 2017-07-30

Awesome thanks

Posted by 2017-07-30

It crashes again and again

Posted by Abhishek Xalxo 2017-07-30

nice game

Posted by Watch and Play 2017-07-30

For Gods among them is mush better

Posted by Les Moore 2017-07-30

Cool game

Posted by Jack Cary 2017-07-30

Mkx mobile is better

Posted by Manya Roy 2017-07-30

Good game

Posted by Atishay Jain 2017-07-30

Little bit slow but game is best

Posted by Dan Downes 2017-07-30

It's a great game. Loading times and battling has been improved. It is easier to get characters and has a brand new story game mode. Good job WB!

Posted by 2017-07-30

This is my favourite

Posted by Trinity Gamez 2017-07-29

Hard to block and swipe moves are not very responsive. Great game but need a little bit of work on sensitivity move swipes. Worst part is loading. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG!

Posted by Sarosh Khan 2017-07-29

Reduce the loading time please

Posted by Frederick Lightford 2017-07-29

This is one of THE BEST mobile games thus far!!! The story line is Phenomenal!!!! Closest thing to the actual Xbox or PS version.

Posted by Ujays TV 2017-07-29

This game is awsome it even has the story mode Yay

Posted by Chayce Klein 2017-07-29

Great game love it!!

Posted by Frederick Roughton 2017-07-29

Good story

Posted by MAMTA SRIVASTAVA 2017-07-29

I love game

Posted by Josh Standridge 2017-07-29

It's good but there needs to be more to do in it. And I know you guys are trying to make it as best as you can though, so just keep doing what you're doing.

Posted by Kintaki Moamen 2017-07-29

I install the game in Lenovo tab 3 7 size and it doesn't work I know first version I got whole cards

Posted by Derek Taylor 2017-07-29

Awesome game

Posted by Michael Noel 2017-07-29

Amazing game

Posted by james ashley arayata 2017-07-29

I love this game so much

Posted by Tony Stark 2017-07-29


Posted by Pat Stefancin 2017-07-29

Phenomenal update. This game is fantastic, but comes with one will HAVE to spend some money in order to get the full value of how great this game is. However, the devs behind this seem truly committed to maintaining this game's quality of life. For that, and how solid all the mechanics are, I'd say it's worth the $20 or so that you'll have to throw down.

Posted by Ubaidir Rahman 2017-07-29

One of the worst games ever...this game is just meant to make money for it developers..u assholes u have to entertain not make money

Posted by kevin norman 2017-07-29

Great game... love it

Posted by Andrew Navarro 2017-07-29

Love it! Kinda hard to do a combo and block but other than that it's awesome

Posted by joshua chukwu 2017-07-29


Posted by James Allen 2017-07-29

There is a lot of lag, and loading issues. Some times the game just shuts down completely while I'm playing.

Posted by Virgil Jordan 2017-07-29

game is great would get a 5 if it didnt keep giving an error message in the middle of battles

Posted by Tharun Kumar 2017-07-29

Why my account suspended no reasons plz back my account

Posted by Matthew Young III 2017-07-29

If only they had a grapple button to clinch punch slam or throw would be cool

Posted by O 2017-07-29

I think of what this emoji ☺

Posted by Master Nator69 2017-07-29

This sucks can't even play it keeps crashing so much that it won't load I hate it until it gets an update for bugs and crashes I'll like it but for now didn't download Ps . can't even get passed the intro SUCKS SO MUCH DICK

Posted by Kevin Bruce 2017-07-29

Great game

Posted by Booboo Meehan 2017-07-29

Hammer in love with Maggie katelyn and aaliyah

Posted by Franchesca Santiago Perry 2017-07-29

My game wouldn't even start. Ill get passed the opening credits and then it'll close itself

Posted by MoKnocks 2017-07-29

It is a great game not getting any of the spwan change

Posted by UTEBOY 6807 2017-07-29

Almost like its on a console it is great

Posted by Ashton Lange 2017-07-29

Played 1 and thought it was amazing. Playing two and realizing just how much i love this franchise all over again. Netherrealm you have outdone yourself! 5 stars all around!

Posted by Lilzo Kirkwood 2017-07-29

It fun

Posted by Chris Reyes 2017-07-29

Super awesome

Posted by just gaming ELI 2017-07-29

Love the game

Posted by Emanuel Thomas 2017-07-29


Posted by Danny Smith 2017-07-29

30 minutes for it to load but it never did. Don't download!!!!

Posted by 2017-07-29

This is the most experiencing game that I've played

Posted by Kiana Smith 2017-07-29

This game is the best game I played in my life but it won't let me play campaign

Posted by Lisa Saman 2017-07-29

I dont like this game due wasting time.Nevermind if need to online during playing game.But loading to slow.Old injustice is better then Injustice 2.

Posted by Lee Dearing 2017-07-29

So awesome

Posted by 2017-07-29

I love the gameplay and mortal kombat characters

Posted by Aatish Poudel 2017-07-29

Best game

Posted by 2017-07-29

This game was the best flash and robin and batman best team

Posted by Brandons Mom Smith 2017-07-29

I love this awesome game

Posted by Shane kopZ 2017-07-29

I give you guys a 3 star because ive been having this problem since the game came out. In story mode cinematics always have a black screen. But visuals and sound is spot on. Sorte this issue out and ill give u a 5 star, im sure im not the only thats having this problem. Im Using an s5

Posted by Julian Joseph 2017-07-29

Awesome Gameplay, excellent graphics, the storyline is great the scenes make you feel like you are in the movie story

Posted by Sean French 2017-07-29

I really enjoy the game and how it connects to the game console.

Posted by Allen LaPorte 2017-07-29

It is the 3rd best game ever

Posted by Thomas Morgan 2017-07-29

Game has gotten a lot better thank you!!

Posted by Srimanta Panda 2017-07-29

Bekar game lost my data not a best game

Posted by Rufus Abadi 2017-07-29

The best graphics and well touch play

Posted by Brandi Tarner 2017-07-29

I love the game

Posted by IProGamer Z 2017-07-29

Hate won't let me download when I have space

Posted by Stephen Kyle Punongbayan 2017-07-29


Posted by saukeng lo 2017-07-29

Best game ever but the MB is to big

Posted by BACS Craft Trader 9254403678Jamaica WI1 2017-07-29

Real thing going

Posted by Ziomar Martinez 2017-07-29

I gusset love the game

Posted by Mike Gonzalez 2017-07-29

Love the game but takes 4ever to load fights please fix.Game still great!

Posted by Ryan Woodward 2017-07-29

Just buy the console or PC version of the game. No need to buy coins/gems

Posted by Ethan Mauer 2017-07-29

This game is very fun and great

Posted by biowolf 309 2017-07-29

Capmain mode is hard

Posted by Gio Garcia 2017-07-29

Coolest game like the first one so addicting love it anyone that hates it is crazy

Posted by RED THUNDER 2017-07-29

It keeps crashing and making me do the tutorial again and again

Posted by Galactica gamer 2017-07-29

Harley Quinn is hot/sexy

Posted by sohyb amnsori 2017-07-29

I would give it a five Stars if it was available offline

Posted by melissa sores 2017-07-29

It is a really good game it is really well made

Posted by Tony Martinez 2017-07-29


Posted by Tyrese Sykes 2017-07-29


Posted by Francisco Vasquez-Chavez 2017-07-29

I hated the game first time download it never didn't let me play

Posted by kevin macua 2017-07-29

What I think is that the games' graphics are the best in fact the game its self is better than the in Justice 1

Posted by Josue Rojas 2017-07-29

Great game.very addictive.

Posted by TheTawzeeh Khan 2017-07-29

Gr8 game no words to say! Other than: The controls are identical to MK X *my favourite*

Posted by mostafa tawfik 2017-07-29

That game is one of the best games I had ever played..impressive

Posted by Michael Orta 2017-07-29

Xcellent game! Loads of fun and tires in to your console game for bonuses. Easy controls

Posted by Carlos Rosaga 2017-07-29

Fun Dual cases Cross member starting to take shape and see what kind truck they were on my house

Posted by Earl McCloud 2017-07-29

This game is fun and a nice companion to the full game. My only issue is that it kills my battery faster than Superman killed Shazam.

Posted by Rakesh Naik 2017-07-29

Love the game. May be one of my favourites. Though it lags a little but it's fine. Not bad for a game for 1 gigabyte. Good graphics.

Posted by Amira Lowery 2017-07-29

It's a fun fighter game and I love the fighting controls, very simple. I do recommend you getting this game.

Posted by redwolf 2006 2017-07-29

Good game

Posted by 2017-07-29

I'm happy now

Posted by Bengiman NotFranklin 2017-07-29

Takes uo way too much space.

Posted by Fernando Jara 2017-07-29


Posted by Adharsh ram 2017-07-29

The best

Posted by Cheysmary Rodriguez 2017-07-29

This is a cool game but the are a little this game is a little good and people im a hacker i could get a lot of money

Posted by tydaize 2017-07-29

Love how this game has more controls and combo possabilities then MKX and other fighting games feels like im acutlly playing a fighter on Console

Posted by Mny Preet 2017-07-29

Good game great graphics nice control Awesome atttttttttt

Posted by Cool Good 2017-07-29

Not worth it

Posted by Andrew Dun Roseman 2017-07-29


Posted by Jj and liyah Garcia 2017-07-29

Awesome love the game needs just a couple new people

Posted by Scott Jesse 2017-07-29


Posted by Esther Annor 2017-07-29

I was downloading it and it was almost done. Then it stopped and I had to start all over again and the same thing happened. Don't DOWNLOAD it here

Posted by 2017-07-29


Posted by Daniel Perez 2017-07-29

Is so cool

Posted by Afryea McClendon 2017-07-29

The loading of the game is really slow please fix it but other than that its a great game

Posted by theo letlhabi 2017-07-29

It's way better than the first instalment

Posted by Andrew Barbour 2017-07-29

Awesome game

Posted by Brandon Whicker 2017-07-29

Love it

Posted by Declan Morgan 2017-07-29

It's amazing

Posted by Goku Chito 2017-07-29


Posted by tavish bhalla 2017-07-29

Nice game

Posted by Darexxz 2017-07-29


Posted by Kyle Chapin 2017-07-29

Shards need to be easier to obtain. But besides that it's a great game!

Posted by s'dainian Wise 2017-07-29

Update 1.5 is shyt asf bruh.

Posted by Best Idiots 2017-07-29

Nice game

Posted by Lucas Norris 2017-07-29

It is an amazing game just the excitement of the gameplay is awesome with characters like arkham knight batman

Posted by Spider Bat 2017-07-29


Posted by ZecyGamingOnline 2017-07-29

Its amazing but the long load and the sluggish gameplay and the glossy graphics are bad but I spent alto of time into this wonderful game also bring more achievements for achievement points on google play I barely got any

Posted by Harsh Tiwari 2017-07-29


Posted by Keith Young 2017-07-29

I just really like the game

Posted by Jay Luther 2017-07-29

Nice game

Posted by Dont Hug Me .I'm Scared 2017-07-29

Takes up too much space

Posted by Henry Palomares 2017-07-29

Its a great game the thing that I like about is that they added sub zero

Posted by D X G 2017-07-29

It lit

Posted by Rezoana Zaman 2017-07-29


Posted by Anjalkumar Khachar 2017-07-29


Posted by PumpkinBrush 346 2017-07-29

A very good successor to the original injustice, It sounds awesome , It plays awesome.The only problem I have are that stages lack polish or doesn't have that much detail present in then.Other than that a stellar game

Posted by Joseph Parker 2017-07-29

It's great

Posted by 2017-07-29

Its the best game for my phone

Posted by Cool Pleeb 2017-07-29

I like the superhero animations

Posted by SavageWolf289 2017-07-29

I wished they talked in the intros like on console and and their outro

Posted by Shakil Aftab 2017-07-29


Posted by Guye Saunders IV 2017-07-29

Awesome gameplay

Posted by Kanhaiya Yadav 2017-07-29

I love this game. But problem is it gets disconnected even on stable 4G network and WiFi. Every time it looses connection i have to restart it. As this game consume very much time to process fight and every time you open it will start trailer. Last version was little better. It has bugs. Try to write feedback from app. 4GB RAM with 2.0 GHz snapdragon 625 takes nearly 25seconds to prepare fight. Too slow....but I love the graphics and concept. Addicted!

Posted by Anthony Nichogi 2017-07-29

This game is awesome. Get it and run with it.

Posted by Gamelihle Zwane 2017-07-29

Crashes before even starting.

Posted by Renu Chawla 2017-07-29

You need to improve the graphics and add new stories and importantly this game a limited heroes plz add more

Posted by Miles Davis 2017-07-29

Please fix the lag in campaign ,arena, and challenges and also fix the way the app closes out on you.

Posted by Sheila Dyson 2017-07-29

Hated it

Posted by Umar Ahmad 2017-07-29

Story mode cut scenes, are going black.

Posted by Sahil Manocha 2017-07-29

Kindly add xp in arena and reduce energy required per match.

Posted by KF Gaming 2017-07-29


Posted by Myles Hutchison 2017-07-29


Posted by adam griffin 2017-07-29

One of my favourite games! Very good controls and graphics. Onky thing i think would be a great improvement is with the daily rewards from arena standings, if you were to include some battle shards as the daily reward aswell as end of week rewards. Also if you coukd change what gear and hero chards you can get every week when the arena standings reset.

Posted by Ewan Spires 2017-07-29

I think it's a really good game

Posted by Isaiah Neel 2017-07-29

So great You can play for hours

Posted by RITCHY MISTRI 2017-07-29

Most amazing thing I have experienced!!!!! ITS SIMPLY AWESOME!!! You don't need a ps4 just to play the game you can also play it on your phone with no problems. Sure it's not the full experience like playing it on the ps4 but it still incredible. I am happy they also consider guys who don't have ps4 and let other have fun playing a game of INSANE details, characters,upgrades, and so much much more!! Thank you so VERY very much to DC COMICS AND WARNER BRO for doing this , it's better than the first one. Trust me from not believing rating game or app or even people's comments , for a guy like me it's pretty cool!! Also did I mention the included the ACTUAL STORY MODE INTO the mobile game , like seriously!!!! I can't emphasize enough , oh man ! Thanks again DC COMICS AND WARNER BRO you guys did it also I am a big fan . People you need to get this game like yesterday!!!

Posted by Kan Wei Liew 2017-07-29

Nice game

Posted by Michael Hughes 2017-07-29

Its good

Posted by Trevon Andrus 2017-07-29

You guys should add playing with your friends

Posted by 2017-07-29

The game is a little laggy and crashes sometimes but the graphics are the best game play also

Posted by Kevin Mcrorie 2017-07-29

Good game

Posted by Momen Essam 2017-07-29

Its awesome

Posted by TheUkiGamer 2017-07-29


Posted by santhosh kumar 2017-07-29

I hate graphics that is in this game injustice 1 is more better compared to thus usually the sequel will be marvelpus but this is a huge disappointment increase the graphics

Posted by 2017-07-29

Awesome game to play whole day

Posted by craig price 2017-07-29

Don't bother installing if you have a sub par phone... the game barely worked before 1.5 patch but after it just won't work... rated for a Samsung galaxy prime core

Posted by Shubham Rajpoot 2017-07-29

Every thing in this game is awsome

Posted by The Last Savage 2017-07-29

I love this game because it is the BEST mobile fighting game produced by netherrealm and you can play the story, upgrade your characters abilities and talents and gear and make them progressively stronger. It's pretty much the mobile version of injustice 2 on consoles and pc, but with a few setbacks which are ok for a mobile game and all. But other than that this game is great!

Posted by 2017-07-29

Crashed alot on my ios so trying it on my android now

Posted by Trevor Rudd 2017-07-29

Great fun

Posted by Kalei Isaac 2017-07-29


Posted by Unik Bilash 2017-07-29

Posted by Satyam Yadav 2017-07-29

I'ts awesome

Posted by David Carlton 2017-07-29

Great graphics let down by poor implementation.....mortal kombat x and marvel conquest of champions both beat this game hands down......and the sheer grinding needed to unlock more characters is a joke

Posted by Dawood Dk 2017-07-29

Make it offline

Posted by Khairul Nizam 2017-07-29

I loved it. But I wished I could get boxes to get gear. But anyways stil loved it

Posted by prithivi raj 2017-07-29

Only way to get new character is to use gems but you gotta buy the gem using real money i hate how the gem system works please atleast reduce the gem cost. except that i love everything

Posted by Altaf Memon 2017-07-29

The game takes too much tume in loading..gets disconnected in between and hangs inappropriately..the block control has to be more appropriate..its just out of d needs to be nore accurate Nd needs to control more damage dan present...i hope ull will look into it

Posted by Sunil Juneja 2017-07-29

Best fighting game

Posted by Anil Mahida 2017-07-29

Very bad game only 1star hero get every time when i open crystal diamond

Posted by Akhil rajan 2017-07-29

This game is just

Posted by Abhirup Brahma 2017-07-29

Update Ruined It For Me. After The Update The Screen Does Not Proceed Past Verifying Download & It Stops Responding.Please Fix The Issue.

Posted by 2017-07-29

Why does it not download even if you delete all your apps

Posted by Barakat Alashmaly 2017-07-29

The is amazing

Posted by Sparta_Will_Kill 2017-07-29

Game made me restart after the update

Posted by Jason Cannady 2017-07-29

Thank you warner bros team for coming out with a great game once agian you guys have never let me down when it comes to gaming keep at it warner team!Just think what u guys would or could do with killer instint for android you guys are the only company i know of that can and i know could make possible for android gamers you guys would make millions well sorry for this terribly long comment overall i give warner100%

Posted by Wolfie Gaming 2017-07-29

First its so irritating with the slow loading and its not my WiFi second the controls don't respond and third it crashes like bruh this sucks and I've been wanting to play this game for so long and this is the gameplay I get.

Posted by Joseph Mwingo 2017-07-29

Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolish game stopped in the middle when downloading

Posted by Skillful Guys 2017-07-29

The game is good. The graphics are also amazing. Just make the game offline.

Posted by Sarah Jones 2017-07-29

Great graphics and story

Posted by Naga Jyothi nannapaneni 2017-07-29

It's very good game I had not played the game like this graphics are awesome and controls and etc but easily we can hack the game

Posted by Whitney Pirtle 2017-07-28

I also own this game for my Xbox one LOVE IT

Posted by Chd Hawk 2017-07-28


Posted by Ogbonna Sopuruchukwu Faith 2017-07-28

Its amazing

Posted by Oni Lynch 2017-07-28


Posted by sandhya 246 2017-07-28

Not good as injustice gods among us

Posted by Liam Gilliam 2017-07-28

Nice just needs the dlc characters ^-^

Posted by Javonte Patrick 2017-07-28

This game live baby

Posted by Angging Mantua 2017-07-28

Please reply i will download it and rate 5 stars if replied this game is offline

Posted by Usama Khan 2017-07-28

Overall game experiance is good.

Posted by yogi don 2017-07-28

Nice game

Posted by Kelly Daniels 2017-07-28

Gameplay is fun but controls are ok as Well as the graphics

Posted by James Pearson 2017-07-28

Takes for ever to load anything. It force stopped itself 3 times before I could even play.

Posted by 2017-07-28

It's the same as mortal kambat but surper hero's and better

How to download and install Injustice 2 on Android/PC

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), fans continue to be so excited with its sequel “Injustice 2”. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.The game was released in May 2017, however just for PS4 and Xbox one, which made many fans of it and gamers can’t get access to this fascinating game. Fortunately, thanks to the release of a companion mobile app, gamers can experience it with IOS and Android devices. If you are a Marvel ’s fan, don’t skip this game. Role- play your favourite DC super-heroes and enjoy the battle. But what if you don’t have those kinds of device or your device is not suitable with the requirement of this game and you still want to play it? Then, don’t worry, you can download Injustice 2 apk to overcome these problems.

Why you should have Injustice 2 installed:

-Plot : With the thrilling plot, players are easily attracted to the world of Injustice 2. Here, you, yourself are heroes, along with your collaborators, find the way to defeat all the enemies and put the Earth at peace. There are two endings which bring more interesting and surprising moments for all players. Especially, for Marvel’s fans, this is where you can show your knowledge about DC heroes and satisfy the desire of being your own favourite heroes and fighting.
-Characters: there are 28 playable characters, consisting of both new and returning heroes and villains in the base roster for Injustice 2. Moreover, the game will also feature 10 additional characters available as downloadable content (DLC), so the characters system is very diverse, which promises to bring continually changing experience for players.
-Combat: In Injustice 2, you get a wider array of attacks by tapping the screen, swiping sideways down or up. The most interesting thing in controlling your character in combat is, the finishing moves or special moves have also been tweaked. Gone are the unblockable special moves and its corresponding animations. Here, the finishers or special moves are neatly integrated in the fight, making it more realistic and blockable.
-Graphics: You can’t ask more from Injustice 2 because it can satisfy all your expectation for graphics. This is all a really good base by which fighting games can be broadly appealing and still impress in the modern era of gaming. The movement of character in the battle is also very smoothy. Injustice 2 can bring you best experience while playing.
- Injustice 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favourite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super- hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.
If the mobile version is too heavy for your device, or your phones don’t use IOS or Android operating system, you can download Injustice 2 on your PC and copy to your phone or experience it on your own PC.

Download Injustice 2 apk for free the latest version:

You can download Injustice 2 apk absolutely free for the latest version here and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I will show you the way to download Injustice 2 file apk. Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using Android Emulators:

1. Install Android emulator on your PC ( If you have already installed Android emulator, you can skip this step and start to download Injustice 2 game apk).
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for PC here and save to your PC.
3. Open Android emulator on your PC.
4. Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
5. Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
6. Injustice 2 app installed on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy this game.

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using ARC Welder Extension

1. Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for pc free here and save to your pc
3. Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
4. Add apk file downloaded (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
5. Now Injustice 2 is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy this game.
You see? Download Injustice 2 Apk is pretty easy!
(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download Injustice 2 apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

Screenshots & Video


Enter the Universe of Injustice 2 and guide your stable of Super Heroes and Villains to victory. Expanding on the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 delivers brand new characters, tons of exciting new modes and the look and fighting style that NetherRealm Studios is known for. Leverage the all new Gear System to build and progress your roster like never before – then enter the arena and prove your mettle in blockbuster 3-on-3 fighting action.

With more ways to build, level up and progress your roster of characters, Injustice 2 is the RPG/Card Collector you’ve been waiting for. Level Up with a combination Level and Star Rating system, and collect character shards to increase your star level. Unlock new Talents along the way and collect unique Gear for every Character. The Gear System provides new looks for your character, as well as bonuses to your health, abilities and strength. Combined, these upgrades allow you to develop the strongest fighters ever.

Injustice 2 is a massive leap forward in every way possible. The dynamic fighting mechanics allow you to jump, duck, shoot projectiles and unleash the powerful Super Moves that define Injustice combat. And all of this is presented with the best visuals you’ll see on mobile. Experience the iconic characters of DC as seen through the lens of the Injustice Universe.

Enter the fray in numerous ways. Engage in 3-on-3 fights as a single player, or battle the world in asynchronous PvP mode. Fight, Level Up and Win.

Injustice 2 on Google Play

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