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Posted by Collin Tabata 2017-07-07

Love this game. Gameplay in theory is great and easy to learn. However, the controls are often slow and unresponsive, leading to sluggish gameplay, at least on my phone. I'll be tapping to attack and often the character will simply not attack or block. This kind if gameplay has cost me many a battle. I would pay for this game because I'm a big fan of the Injustice series, but the controls can be so fustrating that it's really not worth it for me.

Posted by King Husnal 2017-07-07

Awesome game love it download for sure .

Posted by Paul Daniels 2017-07-07

The game is great and i would give a better note if it were not for the million bugs...

Posted by Roblox King - joshuakael 2017-07-07

Takes a while to load up battles SAMSUNG TAB

Posted by Trajiin D 2017-07-07

This is a great game, especially considering it is free. Absolutely loads of content without ever having to pay if you don't want to. My only gripe which is stopping it getting 5 stars is the touch controls can be unresponsive at times on my Xperia XZ premium. Which as its one of the most powerful phones out this shouldn't be the case.

Posted by imath 2017-07-07

Better than the first game

Posted by Ahmer Satti 2017-07-07

This is the best fighting game out there. The only thing that irritates most of the times is the RNG system, it would be nice to see some positive changes for that.

Posted by pratik mehta 2017-07-07

Cool game . Great graphics

Posted by Alvinna Syachriani 2017-07-07

I love this game. I just wish that we could also gain XP from playing on arena and resource mission. Also, i have this problem where it always takes a very long time to claim the rewards in my inbox (ive never actually claimed them tho because i got inpatient and end up quiting the game because it took forever to load). My other issue is sometimes the character wont move when the fight is on even though i have already tap my screen. I wish this could be soon. Update: the rewards can finally be claimed once you have "read" the mail. And please fix the control issue whereas the character keep blocking when i tap to fight. I believe im nky the only one having this issue.

Posted by 2017-07-06

It rock s

Posted by ICONSYS 2017-07-06


Posted by Shadow Wolf 2017-07-06


Posted by THE-SMASS trick 2017-07-06

buggy- I can't even play the campaign

Posted by adam serrano 2017-07-06

The game is fun and addictive to play

Posted by noah vlogs 2017-07-06

10 out of 10

Posted by pratyush kr 2017-07-06

Kmalllll ha

Posted by Vipul Negi 2017-07-06

Have beaten Superman twice but the level is still unclear

Posted by Ajinkya Kupte 2017-07-06

It's getting error code 570 .. Game has hung

Posted by 2017-07-06

Best phone game ever if I was going to download Mortal Kombat when but when I saw this I change my mind this is way better

Posted by Amrit Sawarn 2017-07-06

Great game . Would love it if gear change was visible as in pc version ...

Posted by Roberto Patiño 2017-07-06

Yea dang good!

Posted by xludiChrisx Bio 2017-07-06

This game is an all time best selling cell phone game

Posted by Justin Mills 2017-07-06

I'm going to give it 5 stars, it really deserves it, but just fix the bug where you're playing story, but the game crashes and you can't see the cinematics.

Posted by Jaden Pomare 2017-07-06

This game is soooo gooooood

Posted by Rellic Rellics 2017-07-06

Love the game?

Posted by Ogular 20 2017-07-06

It's a goid game but they should of kept it with the original style like mortal kombat x or injustice 1

Posted by 2017-07-06

Wow that is amazing game

Posted by Rattan Industries 2017-07-06


Posted by DNF Mirrors 2017-07-06

I would be great if you guys could fix the issue when i go collect my daily arena reward but it cant collect. I have to restart the app in order to collect.

Posted by PandaXplosion 2017-07-06

Wasn't as good as the first.

Posted by marvin weital 2017-07-06

I bet there is another one going out online,on a mobile game all together i think is the best it could be better but graphics good, story i like it,and the action power attacks are improved which makes it more fun

Posted by Brandon McGill 2017-07-06


Posted by Dirty Bruuh 2017-07-06

Love the game awesome graphics story etc etc but for God sake please fix the damn store I keep buying an epic hero chest and always end up getting crappy ones please fix it

Posted by Logan Marburger 2017-07-06

ITHIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Un1Verse 13 2017-07-06

I like the game a lot, but the only problem is that you can't have another account. Like if you want restart, it takes you right back from your first account you made. But so far, I'll give this a 3 star even tho its 4 stars. ☆☆☆/☆☆☆☆☆

Posted by Treyshun Young games 2017-07-06


Posted by Gabriel Escobedo 2017-07-06

So awesome

Posted by Huraira Ahmad 2017-07-06

this game lags very much even on 4gb ram i was hoping alot from it but it disappointed me

Posted by Peyton 04 2017-07-06

Good game check it out!!!

Posted by justin youngblood 2017-07-06

Funny how this works better to dc legends. It is perfect!

Posted by Betty Schelah 2017-07-06

It's hard to control on the tablet

Posted by hassan jhaboo 2017-07-06

ιт кєєρѕ ѕнυттιиg σff

Posted by Adrian Diaz 2017-07-06

Its ok

Posted by mohamed salim 2017-07-06

The best

Posted by yan lin 2017-07-06

Lol ripoff

Posted by Izander Diego 2017-07-06

Its cool

Posted by mister M.V.P. 2017-07-06

This game is some trash when ever I try to play it I turns off and go back to the home screen

Posted by jessica kling 2017-07-06

This is my favorite app!

Posted by Taylor Jackson 2017-07-06

U The

Posted by Whyoh Beatz 2017-07-06


Posted by Trevor Holton 2017-07-06

It a pretty gud game to play in have u comin back for more

Posted by Tanishq Aggarwal 2017-07-06

Coolest game ever

Posted by Matthew Arrowsmith 2017-07-06

Love the game and characters. Only thing is it takes a while to do story mode.

Posted by Simon Cox 2017-07-06

Good game

Posted by 2017-07-06

This game is wonderful and amazing. However, it has 2 problems I can think of. It has really long loading times and it freezes when I try and upgrade my gear. I have to reset it each time. Other than that, great.

Posted by theZ Trader 2017-07-06

It needs the wb sign in

Posted by Lloyd vlogs 2017-07-06

This is. The best. Game ever

Posted by young lemark 2017-07-06

I love this game so damn enjoyable but it gets boring waiting for energy, like for real 10 minutes for only 1 bar and you need at least 8 bars to fight in only 1 fight

Posted by Tyler Jacobs 2017-07-06

Really good game. Hopefully you can make more characters that are really cool

Posted by clinton armand 2017-07-06

The first one will always be top#1, this Is stupid. The company should continue upgrading the first one.

Posted by Andrei Cunanan 2017-07-06

AWESOME Game please make mkre sale chest ty

Posted by sourabh porel 2017-07-06

It doesn't run in 5.1 phone

Posted by 2017-07-06

Awesome please text me back favorite game

Posted by Cody Weaver 2017-07-06

Amazing game for everything

Posted by Kyler Taylor 2017-07-06

its great but it won't let me play...

Posted by J.Dustin Hamilton 2017-07-06

Posted by Jefferson Parada 2017-07-06


Posted by Dillon Rau 2017-07-06


Posted by Libor Mičko 2017-07-06

It is not possible to log in with google play account and it is not possible to enter passcode to connect mobile app with injustice 2 on console (so Grid cyborg skin is impossible to get). The keyboard just does not react and closes. I tried pressing it with bluetooth mouse and change keyboard layout, but it didn't help. Maybe bluetooth keyboard would do the trick, but that is beside the point. Please fix your game and I will change the review.

Posted by HeyIts MRA 2017-07-06

Great graphics. I just hate that it takes so long to load between fights. Also, arena mode is tedious bc it returns to the main arena screen after each and every match. This takes so much time. There should be a way like in the first version, to have consecutive fights in arena mode.

Posted by Yusuf Ansori 2017-07-06

Good game

Posted by 2017-07-06

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Charles Nutt 2017-07-06

It will not Finish

Posted by Tim Cote 2017-07-06

I hate that it needs wifi to play.

Posted by Tiffany Sears 2017-07-06


Posted by Michael Mizell 2017-07-06

Game perfect intense battling

Posted by Tony Y!kes 2017-07-06

23 dollars on gems just to get a bunch of 2 star shards. I'm pissed. What's the point of the premium chest that gives LESS value. You guys are criminals. Not another penny Y!KES

Posted by Loz Goodwin 2017-07-06

Almost as good as console version. More controls would of been nice and a choice of different super moves. Bring on injustice 3

Posted by Yasir Mirza 2017-07-06

Why play online. I don't understand. Please made free play games like model Combat x and injustice

Posted by Jared Newkirk 2017-07-06

Controls are unresponsive you controls bug out. You can't attack can't block just sit there and twerk your hands. Then you lose when you were winning. New event is bugged I was winning twice then couldn't block couldn't attack. Load times . . . Crazy...slow. nice concept reason for two and not a single star. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Posted by Subhankar Mahato 2017-07-06

Cant I play this on HTC desire 620g with a wifi connection... If yes then why is it always crashing while loading..???

Posted by Kason Anders 2017-07-06

It is lit

Posted by Sergio Freire 2017-07-06

Its impossible to level your character only get 3 trys a day to get token outta 160. Also challenges same thing its impossible to get the characters you want

Posted by Marcus Costanzo 2017-07-06

Loved the first one, this is even better

Posted by Peter Zawierucha 2017-07-06


Posted by Abdulla Roomi 2017-07-06

Now I realise how fun real gaming can be...! This is great..!

Posted by Sanaulla Sanaulla1 2017-07-06

This game is so good

Posted by Joshua Payton 2017-07-06

I love this game so much because it is so fun.

Posted by Lucy Luu 2017-07-06

Love it

Posted by Jaylan Murphy 2017-07-06

Love it

Posted by Austin Byars 2017-07-06


Posted by rolly miller 2017-07-06

This game sucks because it is keep on saying the game is unresponsive and shutting down my game and tablet

Posted by Daniel Way 2017-07-06

It sucks jk

Posted by Tuan Anh Nguyen 2017-07-06

The game so far is great but there are some bugs in my xiaomi mi 5s, in game i cannot type anything so i have to tell them here hoping they will read this, also there is a bug that when u fight, sometime if you use the shield skill, your hero stuck in defend mode and will not fight unless the enemy hit you several time. Please fix these 2 bugs. The game is great and you can earn yourself diamond without purchase by participating arena, the box also does give out golden hero even though they are low chance.

Posted by Jeigh Sampang 2017-07-06

Love it

Posted by Anexros Gaming 2017-07-06

BUG: Issue with Google play achievements, doesn't award any and also doesn't show it's even installed when I go into Google Play.

Posted by Raphael Kent 2017-07-06

The game has good graphics and it is very interesting. The action is dope

Posted by Darrell Amarasena 2017-07-06

Someone tell me how to kill the damn intro video. I load this app FIVE TIME A DAY MINIMUM and I'm SICK OF THE DAMN INTRO VIDEO! I bought a ticket and saw the movie WEEKS ago. Just let me skip the video and play the stupid game!

Posted by michael hart 2017-07-06

Good game, crashes sometimes but definitely awesome

Posted by Mason Barrow 2017-07-06

Great game just a little buggy and you only get experience for the campaign so everything else is pretty much a waste of time

Posted by TheRedStoneSword 2017-07-06

It's a good game but it's just annoying at some spots and it's really laggy and would you please make it easier to get crystals?

Posted by Ahmed St 2017-07-06


Posted by derekgamer tubehd 2017-07-06

I want the real injustice 2 game

Posted by Monique Swart 2017-07-06


Posted by Robert Bronson 2017-07-06

Exits out after the video before the game starts

Posted by Bumble Bee 2017-07-06


Posted by Tobe Esenwa 2017-07-06

The game is good but would be better offline

Posted by lil kill 2017-07-06

How did you do it

Posted by 2017-07-06

It's so fun to play and the gameplay is so good

Posted by TMT Life 1000 2017-07-06

Injustice is a good game but the 2 is awesome and I will get it on my PS4

Posted by Ryan Schuler 2017-07-06

A would be great game unfortunately marred by some poor designs and inconsistent controls. Operations is tedious due to being forced to put one character in at a time instead of up to three per op at once. Random rewards for challenges needs to go; it's frustrating, disrespectful to players who all put in the same energy/effort, and only serves to turn ppl away from the game. Shard system and drop rates need to be tweaked. Game often freezes when upgrading gear. Worst of all is the inconsistent controls. Blocks don't always activate, combos stop stringing together for no reason, specials often delay or don't activate at all, regular attacks glitch into blocks, evading rarely works as you get hit by attacks that clearly didn't connect. These are a majority of problems I've noticed, but still not all. Fixing these issues would go a long way to ensuring the game's long term appeal to players.

Posted by Emmanuel Moreno 2017-07-06

Disappointed of this game, I'm a great fan of injustice but this game is low in graphics, with poor slow response controls, a successor it's supposed to be better but I don't see any reason to play this instead of injustice

Posted by darnell reed 2017-07-06

I've had this app for an hour like either the app or the consol3 would have a code but both or asking for a code honestly the app should have a code

Posted by Tyler Oberdorf 2017-07-06

It's very addicting

Posted by Lost Vikings 2017-07-06

It's all about the micro transactions.

Posted by Kameron Tucker 2017-07-06

I would Five Star but...the screen keeps flashing

Posted by SS_G_SS_Goku_kaioken_x10 2017-07-06

Could not load game

Posted by Fritos man1 2017-07-06

The fighting part could be updated. Then I will give 5 STARS

Posted by Edward Hernandez 2017-07-06

its good

Posted by Kham Xayavong 2017-07-06

Somehow, I got addicted to this game, in a good way.

Posted by Damion Joe 2017-07-06

Awesome app

Posted by Angela Tejedor 2017-07-06

The game is pretty cool but it is slow and so much ads

Posted by Gaurang S 2017-07-06

Well its an awesome game with fantastic graphics and all. But the problem is you only get a few characters from chests again and again. You dont get new characters which gets annoying. Please developers do something about it. I loved the previous version too so please. And also its been a while but the chapter 2 still hasnt been added. So please solve these issues.

Posted by 2017-07-06

Meh its giod and bad but mostly good

Posted by Sahil Mall 2017-07-06

Nothing new... Same old injustince.. Plz put some new stuff in here.. This game has a lot of potential.... And seriously needs to start a lil faster.. Bugfixes needed... Too much crashes.. And lagging

Posted by Hrit Chakraborty 2017-07-06

I cannot write my name above the account level. Whenever I press anything in the keyboard, the keyboard vanishes and I cannot rewrite my account name. Please fix this!!!

Posted by Victor Mkondo 2017-07-06

Great game but sumtimes during arena battles the game glitches and controls dont work

Posted by CHICKENY WINGZ 2017-07-06

in story mode chapter 1 the problem with truth and justice I would will but it wouldn't let me go to the next level

Posted by Don Dhanushka 2017-07-06

Posted by Victoria Correa 2017-07-06


Posted by Monty Ransom 2017-07-06

It won't let me move on in story mode.

Posted by Dillon Antillon 2017-07-06

I think it's awesome love very bit of it great graphics really fun while medicated

Posted by Dwayne Jensen 2017-07-06

WB are Jewish Zionist who designed this game to devour your money and distract you from God.

Posted by 2017-07-06

Control is random taken from the player. This results in a frustrating experience. Bad design choices in game play mechanics wastes the beautiful graphics. Overall pass on this one.

Posted by Fred Cepris 2017-07-06

Very nice

Posted by Ignatius Johnes 2017-07-06

I cannot play it , when I open it ,its just right downloading resources and after that he said not responding please fix it

Posted by Brian Aranda 2017-07-06

Great game ..just started playing and I'm really in really into it.

Posted by Antonio Tomachi 2017-07-06

Awesom is game ever

Posted by Mystic Matthew 2017-07-06

It is a fun challenge

Posted by Mechkov Petr 2017-07-06

Peter score 95/100

Posted by Boss Theroy2 2017-07-06

awesome and adictive

Posted by Michael Neal 2017-07-06

You collect jewels for chest and get shards instead of characters. That's okay I guess, but you get 5-10 shards when it takes 80+ to actually unlike the character. This added with the fact that your character just stops moving in the middle of a fight makes this game sort of disappointing.

Posted by Ismaeltg Velasquez 2017-07-06

This is the best game

Posted by larlitha sri vidhara 2017-07-06

Well,At least DC got way ahead than marval in game industry. Always love DC

Posted by Rohan Solanki 2017-07-06

Chapter 2 not unlocking even after I have cleared all the previous fights Please respond

Posted by Shahwar Khaleel 2017-07-06

Controls are not accurate. Data is also not accurate (i.e if u play 5 arena battles or something then it will be counted as 3) and the same goes with the story, even if you play one level 10 times the next level won't unlock.

Posted by Parwinder Dhillon 2017-07-06


Posted by MajesticDuckz 2017-07-06

The game is pretty awesome and its like your inside the game.

Posted by Mr. Shnozberry 2017-07-06

Dope AF

Posted by Mr Games 2017-07-06

Bad because it closed otomatice

Posted by Zulkarnain Mohd 2017-07-06

Injustice 2

Posted by mega man 123 2017-07-06

Well done

Posted by Marcus Cotton 2017-07-06

The game is great. My only issue with it is that it force closes often when I'm playing Arena Mode.

Posted by Ahmed beci 2017-07-06

Download it ya

Posted by 2017-07-06

Truman's ganme☺☺☺☺

Posted by evan rz 2017-07-06

great game

Posted by Bryant Martin 2017-07-06

Gameplay is pretty good on the s8 but i do have an issue with the xp boosts. It nvr lets me select them. So i have a bunch of boost just sitting in inventory that i cant even use. Some help aould be nice.

Posted by Edward kahorongo 2017-07-06

Best game ever

Posted by Jesse Gutierrez 2017-07-06

The game is a very big improvement from the first game we got a couple years back, i loved that game with all my heart and this game is no exeption. The graphics are AMAZING. By the way ive been playing this game on my ps4. I have alot of items for my flash, so in the next update, you can add a feature were we can put all our stuff in the mobile game. Now there is nothing wrong with the game, exeeeeeeeeept that there is a bug were the screen is black after a match and a cut sean comrs out, over all nice job warner bros. I hope that the next game is as good as the last games

Injustice 2Posted by Rajadeva dhanam 2017-07-06

I want update this app

Posted by Nikhil Srivastava 2017-07-06

When does chapter 2 will be available??

Posted by Extreme Gamer 2017-07-06

Its a very nice game very fun and exciting!

Posted by Vaibhav Dw 2017-07-06


Posted by 2017-07-06

Is very hot

Posted by Gracia Anindita 2017-07-06

update pls

Posted by Tariq Braimah 2017-07-06

Very well made game

Posted by Tshediso Johannes 2017-07-06

Awesome game! New addiction!!!_

Posted by Joseph Marco Sotto 2017-07-06


Posted by Bavika Ranjit 2017-07-06

Greatest game and greatest graphics

Posted by Zaif Salam 2017-07-06

Awesome game, I loved it

Posted by Mr. J 2017-07-06


Posted by Martin Felix 2017-07-06

Te entretiene bastante este juego

Posted by Omarion Hatchettfzhfsjgdjfhsgjd oi 2017-07-06

I love this game you get to fight every super hero and Gillan

Posted by Wiz Shuvo 2017-07-06


Posted by AR Raza 2017-07-06

Best game In the universe it's brilliant

Posted by Sameh Elesawye 2017-07-06

Nice game I love it

Posted by Sri Aminingsih 2017-07-06

This game was a new world to play with ☆

Posted by Adil Sulaiman 2017-07-06

I completed a chapter in story mode 3 times yet not able to move forward. Stil stuck in same chapter. Please do somthing bout dis

Posted by Rashon Redding 2017-07-06

Great game to pass time

Posted by Nader Elkad 2017-07-06

This from the best games in the world

Posted by God Gamer 2017-07-06

It's a great game. It has a great story and is time killing. Please add more story missions

Posted by Mesh Daq 2017-07-06

Make 3

Posted by Akhilesh Kumar 2017-07-06

I like very very much I 've played injustice 1 also

Posted by Sedra Xox 2017-07-06

Love it!!!

Posted by Charles McDougald 2017-07-06

I think it is fun fighting.

Posted by Dalton Mcbride 2017-07-06

Most amazing game ever

Posted by welcometodhiroj dash 2017-07-06

I have purchased 12 packages but not getting any gold characters. This is unacceptable.

Posted by Tahmir Robinson 2017-07-06

Amazing i love this game and i normally don't like these mobile versions

Posted by lakshya mishra 2017-07-06

awesome game

Posted by dark moon 2017-07-06


Posted by Jeremy Neisler 2017-07-06

All around awesome

Posted by Iqbal Singh 2017-07-06

Should imrove the game some bugs are found but actually good game

Posted by Jose Alvarez 2017-07-06


Posted by THE DUES 2017-07-06

Can you make make it compatible with android jellybeen version

Posted by Suhartono Lauw 2017-07-06

Too much bug Upgrade my weapon today but after few hour my upgrade is gone but the meterial is gome too Not recommended

Posted by Creedence Pirika Toatoa 2017-07-06

I think the game is excellent just figuring out how to get characters

Posted by 2017-07-06

Realy great game

Posted by rishabh gopal 2017-07-06

Nice game

Posted by Ethan Yang 2017-07-06

Ok so i started the game couples month ago i played through and got other characters thanks for trying to help Warner Bros

Posted by dev kumar 2017-07-06

I just love it

How to download and install Injustice 2 on Android/PC

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), fans continue to be so excited with its sequel “Injustice 2”. Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.The game was released in May 2017, however just for PS4 and Xbox one, which made many fans of it and gamers can’t get access to this fascinating game. Fortunately, thanks to the release of a companion mobile app, gamers can experience it with IOS and Android devices. If you are a Marvel ’s fan, don’t skip this game. Role- play your favourite DC super-heroes and enjoy the battle. But what if you don’t have those kinds of device or your device is not suitable with the requirement of this game and you still want to play it? Then, don’t worry, you can download Injustice 2 apk to overcome these problems.

Why you should have Injustice 2 installed:

-Plot : With the thrilling plot, players are easily attracted to the world of Injustice 2. Here, you, yourself are heroes, along with your collaborators, find the way to defeat all the enemies and put the Earth at peace. There are two endings which bring more interesting and surprising moments for all players. Especially, for Marvel’s fans, this is where you can show your knowledge about DC heroes and satisfy the desire of being your own favourite heroes and fighting.
-Characters: there are 28 playable characters, consisting of both new and returning heroes and villains in the base roster for Injustice 2. Moreover, the game will also feature 10 additional characters available as downloadable content (DLC), so the characters system is very diverse, which promises to bring continually changing experience for players.
-Combat: In Injustice 2, you get a wider array of attacks by tapping the screen, swiping sideways down or up. The most interesting thing in controlling your character in combat is, the finishing moves or special moves have also been tweaked. Gone are the unblockable special moves and its corresponding animations. Here, the finishers or special moves are neatly integrated in the fight, making it more realistic and blockable.
-Graphics: You can’t ask more from Injustice 2 because it can satisfy all your expectation for graphics. This is all a really good base by which fighting games can be broadly appealing and still impress in the modern era of gaming. The movement of character in the battle is also very smoothy. Injustice 2 can bring you best experience while playing.
- Injustice 2 allows you to equip every iconic character with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Experience an unprecedented level of control over how your favourite characters look, how they fight, and how they develop across a huge variety of game modes. This is your super- hero. Your Journey. Your Injustice.
If the mobile version is too heavy for your device, or your phones don’t use IOS or Android operating system, you can download Injustice 2 on your PC and copy to your phone or experience it on your own PC.

Download Injustice 2 apk for free the latest version:

You can download Injustice 2 apk absolutely free for the latest version here and enjoy this wonderful game. Now I will show you the way to download Injustice 2 file apk. Here are detailed tutorials for you:

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using Android Emulators:

1. Install Android emulator on your PC ( If you have already installed Android emulator, you can skip this step and start to download Injustice 2 game apk).
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for PC here and save to your PC.
3. Open Android emulator on your PC.
4. Accept softwares installed from external sources (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
5. Drag or Add apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some minutes
6. Injustice 2 app installed on your pc, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy this game.

How to download Injustice 2 apk for PC using ARC Welder Extension

1. Have Chrome Browser with Arc Welder Extension installed on your PC (you can find this extension here)
2. Download Injustice 2 apk for pc free here and save to your pc
3. Open Chrome and Arc Welder extension
4. Add apk file downloaded (step 2) to the arc welder extension and wait for some minutes to load this file
5. Now Injustice 2 is ready on your PC, you can open and follow instruction appearing on screen and enjoy this game.
You see? Download Injustice 2 Apk is pretty easy!
(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download Injustice 2 apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

Injustice 2 on Google Play

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